February 2014

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JSC Giprotyumenneftegaz - 50 years

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O.I. Isachenko (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Technical engineering department of the design institute is a vector of development

Key words: expertise, compliance assessment, patenting, technical translation, management system, equipment database.

The article considers issues and solutions technical departments of design institutes face with during various stages of development. The concern is the intended function of the department.

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S.S. Ivanov, I.Z. Fakhretdinov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
The Science of Giprotyumenneftegaz: yesterday , today and tomorrow

Key words: field construction design, design scientific support.

The systematic approach to the organization of design scientific support largely ensures the achievement of a high quality of design in Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO. The history of the formation and development of scientific support of Giprotyumenneftegaz construction design, research areas at present and prospects for the development of science are presented.
1. Gorbatikov V.A., Sokolov S.M., Pal'yanov P.A., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil
Industry, 2005, no. 9, pp. 114-119.
2. Gorbatikov V.A., Perekupka A.G., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry,
2009, no. 2, pp. 27-29.
3. Andreeva N.N., Tarasov M.Yu., Ivanov S.S., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2011, no. 11, pp. 92-94.

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Designing of arrangement of deposits

A.V. Panov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Improvement of engineering process of the civil engineering aspect of the design.

Key words: design improvement, civil engineering aspect of the design, 3-D model, repeated application actual base.

The article considers issues on design improvement when developing civil engineering aspect of the design. Oil and gas field surface facility design technologies applied in Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, Architecture and Civil Engineering Department, are provided in the article. 

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V.S. Zaitsev, I.A. Zholobov, (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
On the determination of thermal characteristic permafrost soil

Key words: permafrost soil, coefficient of heat conduction, heat capacity, direct measurements, thermal characteristic soil.

The thermal characteristic materials depend from many factors. Geological engineering survey tests result in important thermal characteristic, such coefficient of heat conduction and heat capacity. For construction I and II level of responsibility coefficient of heat conduction and heat capacity have to be defined direct measurements as they provide more objective information, than value accepted on Set of Rules 25.13330.2012. But in certain cases, it may identify dependent thermal characteristic of soils.

1. Primakov S.S., Zholobov I.A., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil
Industry, 2013, no. 2, pp. 82-84.
2. Tsytovich N.A., Mekhanika gruntov (kratkiy kurs) (Soil
Mechanics (short course)), 2nd ed., Moscow: Vysshaya
shkola Publ., 1973, 280 p.
3. Zaytsev V.S., Eremenko V.P., Danielyan Yu.S., Izvestiya SO AN SSSR. Seriya tekhnicheskikh nauk, 1989, V. 5. 

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D.S. Pazderin (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, GMS Group )
Calculation of soil freezing halo near two seasonally operating cooling devices

Key words: seasonally operating cooling device, modeling, thermal interaction, permafrost , numerical calculations.

Soil freezing halo near two seasonally operating cooling devices is determined. Features of geometrical parameters of the condenser and evaporator of the seasonally operating cooling device and also the heterogeneity of soil are taken into account in the calculation. An algorithm, allowing to simulate the heat exchange processes of several seasonally operating cooling devices and soil, is created by the results of the developed technique.
1. Kislitsyn A.A., Osnovy teplofiziki: Lektsii i seminary (Basics of Thermal Physics:
Lectures and seminars), Tyumen': Publ. of Tyumen State University, 2002, 152 p.
2. Gorelik Ya.B., Collected papers “Problemy nefti i gaza Tyumeni” (Problems
of Tyumen oil & gas), 1980, V. 47, pp. 58-61.
3. Primakov S.S., Pazderin D.S., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2013,
no. 4, pp. 124-125.

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M.Yu. Tarasov , O.M. Urzhumova , A.B. Zyryanov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Philosophy of development and technical and technological decision making for field oil treatment facilities

Key words: oil treatment, process unification, block- modular principle of construction design.

The procedure for design decision making for an oil field construction facilities using block-modular principle is considered. An example of the development of technical and technological decisions for the oil treatment system at the central gathering station is given.

1. Tarasov M.Yu., Panov V.E., Zyryanov A.B., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2008, no. 9, pp. 105-107 (corrected in Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil
Industry, 2008, no. 12, p. 8).
2. Tarasov M.Yu., Panov V.E., Zyryanov A.B. et al., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo –
Oil Industry, 2006, no. 11, pp. 96-98.
3. Tarasov M.Yu., Zyryanov A.B., Zobnin A.A., Tashbulatov I.A., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2012, no. 5, pp. 96-98. 

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Transport and oil preparation

S.S. Ivanov, M.Yu. Tarasov, I.Z. Fakhretdinov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Field hydrocarbon gas treatment for transportation at regions of permafrost soils propagation

Key words: gas treatment, separation, gas complex treatment unit.

At designing systems of gas gathering, treatment and transportation in an oil-gas condensate fields in the conditions of permafrost soils propagation, it is necessary to provide for technological solutions, ensuring the integrity of soils in the frozen state. So, to avoid thawing of permafrost soils the temperature of transported hydrocarbon gas shall not exceed 2 °C, that causes cooling plant appearance in the structure of the gas treatment complex. The basic flow diagram of hydrocarbon gas treatment for transportation, allowing to apply compressing units of less power due to increase of efficiency of use of domestic energy resources of the gas treatment complex, is presented.
1. Berlin M.A., Gorechenkov V.G., Volkov N.P., Pererabotka
neftyanykh i prirodnykh gazov (Processing of oil and natural
gas), Moscow: Khimiya, 1981, 472 p.
2. Bekirov T.M., Lanchakov G.A., Tekhnologiya obrabotki
gaza i kondensata (Processing Technology for gas and
gas condensate), Moscow: Nedra-Biznestsentr Publ., 1999,
596 p.
3. Patent no. 2088866 RF, Method of preparation of natural
gas for transportation, Inventors: Kubanov A.N., Elistratov
V.I., Sirotin A.M., Turevskiy E.N., Mikhaylov N.V.,
Chikalova L.G.

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I.A. Shcherbinin, P.Yu. Denisov, V.F. Zaraev, D.A. Bolotov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Features of corrosion protection in designing of oilfield pipelines

Key words: design of oilfields development, oilfield pipelines, corrosion protection.

In the article the brief analysis of the specifications and technical documentation regarding the requirements to designing of oilfield pipelines are resulted, and the stored experience of Giprotyumenneftegaz at designing of pipelines on deposits of Western Siberia is presented.

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M.Yu. Tarasov, E.V. Portnyagina (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Study of pour point of water-oil emulsions

Key words: oil, water-oil emulsions, pour point, paraffins, asphaltenes.

The results of experimental study of the pour point of water-oil emulsions are given. The dependences of the pour point on water content in emulsions for oils with different ratio of the basic structure forming components (asphaltenes, resins and paraffins) are obtained.

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The oil-field equipment

V.N. Semyenov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, GMS Group)
Derivation of the formulas for prediction of ruptures at high-pressure conduits in fields of Western Siberia

Key words: pipelines, reliability, safety, corrosion, ruptures, prediction.
The derivation of empirical formulas for prediction of the number of annual
ruptures due to internal corrosion at high pressure conduits without inner
coating is given. Formulas are obtained by mathematical processing of a
large array of field data on actual ruptures for a long time in fields of Western
Siberia. The results obtained are designed to develop sections on corrosion
protection as part of projects on fields construction, as well as for practical
use at conduits operation.
1. Semenov V.N., Sokolov S.M., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry,
2012, no. 5, pp. 100-102.
2. RP NIO-01, Instruktsiya po proektirovaniyu i ekspluatatsii antikorrozionnoy
zashchity vodovodov sistemy PPD na mestorozhdeniyakh
Zapadnoy Sibiri (Instructions for the design and operation of water
pipelines corrosion protection for reservoir pressure maintenance system
in Western Siberia), Tyumen': Publ. of Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO,
2011, 38 p.
3. Annex to the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the
Russian Federation 10 July 2009 no. 404, Metodika opredeleniya
raschetnykh velichin pozharnogo riska na proizvodstvennykh ob’ektakh
(Methodology for determining the calculated values of fire risk
at industrial sites) amended on December 14, 2010.
4. Semenov V.N., Perekupka A.G., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry,
2009, no. 2, pp. 52-53.
5. Perekupka A.G., Semenov V.N., Pavlov P.V., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo
– Oil Industry, 2005, no. 6, pp. 130-131.
6. Semenov V.N., Sokolov S.M., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry,
2011, no. 2, pp. 108-109.

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Pipeline transport of oil

E.P. Mingalev, A.G. Perekupka, S.M. Sokolov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Corrosion of pipe steel in wet boggy peat soils in the south of Western Siberia

Key words: soil corrosion activity, pipe steel corrosion rate, field pipeline corrosion prevention.

The article contains results on continuous, lasting 38 years and a half, examination of steel pipe witness-samples laid in wetland soils and sands of Pavloskaya corrosion station, the Tyumen city area, defining corrosion rate and behavior.

1. Tomashov N.D., Krasnoyarskiy V.V., Mikhaylovskiy Yu.N., Proceedings of Institute of Physical Chemistry, Issue VIII, Issledovaniya po korrozii metallov (Studies on metal corrosion), V. 6, Korroziya i zashchita metallov v prirodnykh usloviyakh (Corrosion and Protection of metals in natural conditions), 1960, pp. 190-216.
2. Marchenko A.F., Stroitel'stvo truboprovodov, 1995, no. 1, pp. 29-31.
3. Mingalev E.P., Obzornaya informatsiya. Seriya Korroziya i zashchita v
neftegazovoy promyshlennosti (Overview. Series of Corrosion and Protection
in Oil and Gas Industry), Moscow: Publ. of VNIIOENG, 1976, 28 p.
4. Polozov A.E., Abramov A.P., Sanzharovskaya S.F., Obzornaya informatsiya.
Seriya Korroziya i zashchita v neftegazovoy promyshlennosti (Overview. Series
of Corrosion and Protection in Oil and Gas Industry), Moscow: Publ. of VNIIOENG, 1979, 55 p.
5. Gaydanenko E.I., Konstantinov I.P., Stroitel'stvo truboprovodov, 1989, pp. 40-41. 

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Information technology

M.Yu. Zatsarin, M.V. Balatskiy (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, Tyumen)
Automated process control systems and production safety support

Key words: automation, fire and explosion safety, control system, emergency protection , integrated design.

Oil and gas fields construction experience of half a century is generalized. The basic stages of the industry development are selected. The features of construction and the main lines of development of automated process control systems and fire and explosion safety support are considered. Architecture of complex integrated systems construction is proposed. Accumulated experience is used at the design of automation systems and the creation of smart productions.

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I.M. Suntsov, V.P. Frajshteter (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
The main features of one-line schemes model at creation computer-aided desing of electrical power system

Key words: CAD, one-linear scheme, optimization.
The article considers questions of increase technological level one-line schemes using specialized integrated CAD systems. The main principles of structure and algorithms CAD systems are given.

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Power supply

R.A. Kudryashov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Results of research and the problems of determining electrical energy consumption and electrical loads at the facilities of oil and gas industry in West Siberia

Key words: electrical loads, electrical energy, oil and gas industry, oilfield, gas field.

The experience of Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO in the sphere of research and calculation of electrical loads and electrical energy consumption at an oil and gas fields at present time is generalized. The main problems of calculation of electrical loads and electrical energy consumption with respect to the processing systems of oil and gas fields are considered. The tasks of improving the design calculations of electrical energy consumption and electrical loads are determined.
1. Kudryashov R.A., Collected papers “Proektirovanie obustroystva
neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy Zapadnoy Sibiri” (Design and development of oil
fields in Western Siberia), 1980, V. 48, pp. 119-126.
2. Kudryashov R.A., Novoselov Yu.B., Tsekhnov A.N., Overview. Series
“Mashiny i neftyanoe oborudovanie” (Machinery and petroleum equipment),
Moscow: VNIIOENG, 1982, 28 p.
3. Kudryashov R.A., Collected papers “Neftepromyslovoe delo i transport
nefti” (Petroleum Engineering and transport of oil), Moscow: Publ. of VNIIOENG,
1985, pp. 38-40.
4. Kudryashov R.A., Novoselov Yu.B., Frayshteter V.P., Promyshlennaya energetika, 1986, V. 6, pp. 18-21.
5. Kudryashov R.A., Malkova Z.A., Novoselov Yu.B., Frayshteter V.P., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2004, no. 3, pp. 37-39.
6. Kudryashov R.A., Novoselov Yu.B., Frayshteter V.P., Evseenko D.V., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2002, no. 7, pp. 39-41.
7. Kudryashov R.A., Frayshteter V.P., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry,
2009, no. 3, pp. 79-81.

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Ecological and industrial safety

T.S. Burundukova (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Features of development of the section on assessing the impact of the planned economic activity on water resources composed of the design documentation

Key words: oil and gas facilities, aquatic biological resources.

Some features of the development of the fishery section of the impact on aquatic resources at the design of oil and gas complex facilities in the light of publication of the "Methods for calculating the amount of harm to aquatic biological resources " , approved by the Federal Agency for Fishery Order № 1166 from November 25, 2011, are considered.

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M.Yu. Tarasov, V.E. Panov, E.A. Myakisheva (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, GMS Group, RF, Tyumen), A.V. Bogdanov (Gazprom Neft JSC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), R.R. Khusainov (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)
On the conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities of oil and gas complex

Key words: hazardous production facility, conservation, liquidation.
The problems of conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities of oil and gas industry are considered. The sequence of procedure from the moment of making the decision on conservation and liquidation of these facilities till the moment of land transfer to the executive agency (in the case of facility liquidation) is described. It is concluded that under existing rules and regulations in the area of these facilities operation, at the performance of these types of work should be guided by the organizations standards, developed and approved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
1. Bezopasnost' truda v promyshlennosti, 2013, no. 6, pp. 3-8.
2. Regulations on the North Urals Department of the Federal Service for
Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, Order of Rostehnadzor
no. 1157 from 20.12.10, “Ob utverzhdenii Polozheniya o Severo-
Ural'skom upravlenii Federal'noy sluzhby po ekologicheskomu, tekhnologicheskomu
i atomnomu nadzoru” (On approval of Regulations on North
Ural Department of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and
Nuclear Supervision).
3. PB 03-246-98, Pravila provedeniya ekspertizy promyshlennoy bezopasnosti
(Rules of industrial safety expertise), Gosgortechnadzor of Russia from

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M.M. Dautov, M.V. Marinenkova
Formation of the master plan, taking into account damaging factors at emergency situations, noise and pollutant emissions into the atmosphere

Key words: emergency situation, industrial safety, natural environment.

The main consequences of emergency situations, arising at equipment depressurization at the facilities of the fuel and energy complex, are given. To assess the risk of accidents the possible scenarios of emergency situations processing are determined and scales of consequences are calculated. An algorithm of calculating of fuel-air mixtures cloud explosion is considered.
1. Federal rules and regulations in the field of industrial safety “Pravila bezopasnosti
v neftyanoy i gazovoy promyshlennosti” no. 101 - Petroleum Industry
Safety Regulations.
2. Federal rules and regulations in the field of industrial safety “Obshchie pravila
vzryvobezopasnosti dlya vzryvopozharoopasnykh khimicheskikh,
neftekhimicheskikh i neftepererabatyvayushchikh proizvodstv” no. 96 - Explosion
Safety Rules for Petrochemical Oil Processing Plants.
3. Federal law no. 384 “Tekhnicheskiy reglament o bezopasnosti zdaniy i
sooruzheniy” - Technical regulation on safety of machinery and equipment.
4. Posobie po obsledovaniyu i proektirovaniyu zdaniy i sooruzheniy, podverzhennykh vozdeystviyu vzryvnykh nagruzok (Manual for survey and design
of buildings and structures exposed to explosive loads), Moscow, 2000.
5. Metodika opredeleniya raschetnykh velichin pozharnogo riska na
proizvodstvennykh ob"ektakh (Methodology for determining the calculated
values of fire risk at the production facilities), Moscow: Publ. of FGU VNIIPO
MChS Rossii, 2009.
6. RB G-05-039-96 Rukovodstvo po analizu opasnosti avariynykh vzryvov i
opredeleniyu parametrov ikh mekhanicheskogo deystviya (Guidelines for
hazard analysis of accidental explosions and determine the parameters of
mechanical action), Moscow: Publ. of NTTs YaRB Gosatomnadzora Rossii,
7. Metodicheskoe posobie po raschetu, normirovaniyu i kontrolyu vybrosov
zagryaznyayushchikh veshchestv v atmosfernyy vozdukh (Guidelines on the
calculation, regulation and control of emissions into the atmosphere), Sankt-
Peterburg, 2012.
8. OND-86 Metodika rascheta kontsentratsiy v atmosfernom vozdukhe vrednykh
veshchestv soderzhashchikhsya v vybrosakh predpriyatiy (Method of
calculating the concentrations in the air of harmful substances contained in
industrial emissions)
9. Spravochnik “Vrednye veshchestva v promyshlennosti” (Harmful substances
in industry), Moscow: Khimiya Publ., 1976.

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A.G. Perekupka, A.V. Shuvalov, G.V. Nikolaev (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF, Tyumen)
Chemical analysis and radiological research in environmental engineering survey

Key words: engineering and environmental survey, geoecological testing, laboratory chemical analysis, radiological research, radiological situation assessment.

Analysis of Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO work experience and engineering and environmental survey development stages has been performed as related to laboratory environmental research, namely: geoecological testing and assessment of pollution of open air, soils, ground, surface and subsoil water, snow cover, laboratory chemical analysis and radiological research of environmental samples, assessment of radiological situation on the construction site.

1. Pirogova A.A., Zaraev V.F., Kham'yanov D.N. et al., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo
– Oil Industry, 2009, no. 4, pp. 108 – 111.
2. Merkushina G.A., Polyanskiy D.V., Pavlov Yu.V. et al., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo
– Oil Industry, 2009, no. 3, pp. 102 – 104.

3. Uvarova V.I., Proceedings of Rosrybkhoz, 1989, V. 305, pp. 23-33. 

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Economy, management, the legal right

A.S. Tonkikh, A.S. Ostaltsev, (Izhevsk State Technical University, RF, Izhevsk)
Economic growth assessment of the largest Russian companies of oil industry

Key words: economic growth, modeling of economic growth, valid dynamics indicator, oil and gas companies, the analysis of oil and gas companies, oil and gas complex management.

The work presents an alternative approach to modeling of economic growth of oil companies. This approach contains the method of standard dynamics indicators (dynamic standard) which takes into account the features of dynamic comparability and dynamic hierarchy of indicators. The use of this method allowed getting quantitative assessment of the achieved level of economic growth of largest Russian oil companies on the basis of their total indicators touching various oil companies’ activity spheres such as geological survey, production, refinement, making and sale of oil products, social responsibility. The results were compared with traditionally used indicators of economic growth, i.e. sales and profit. On the basis of correcting standard dynamics some major factors were revealed. These factors kept largest Russian enterprises from achieving high level of economic growth. With the help of suggested algorithm we found out the main problems of economic growth of this industrial sector in general. In conclusion there is the idea that the model of standard growth of oil companies could be used even in the conditions of aggravated economic situation (crisis).
1. Tonkikh A.S., Ostal'tsev A.S., Problemy ekonomiki i upravleniya neftegazovym
kompleksom, 2013, no. № 4, pp. 37-42.
2. Ekspert-400. Reyting vedushchikh rossiyskikh kompaniy (Expert-400. Rating
of the leading Russian companies), URL: http://expert.ru/ratings/expert400-
3. Tonkikh A.S., Ostal'tsev A.S., Postroenie modeli ekonomicheskogo rosta
predpriyatiya neftyanoy promyshlennosti (Construction of model of economic
growth for oil company), Ekaterinburg-Izhevsk: Publ. of Ural Branch of
the RAS, 2012, 44 p.

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Standardization and technical regulation

A.F. Ismagilov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), S.I. Agrafenin (Giprovostokneft OJSC, RF, Samara)
On retrofitting code and normative base in the area of oil industry field construction

Key words: process design documents, code and normative base, oil industry objects, design standards, field construction optimization, innovations

The essential prerequisite for effective and innovative activity of R & D institutes in oil industry is related not only with designing of new procedures, but also relates to their application in project design concepts. The paper considers the challenges in process designing of oil industry objects. The authors present the analysis of present day situation in complying with code and normative base that controls the use of subsurface resources as per the current requirements in oil production. Actualization and constant updating of this code and normative base is one of the aspects in innovative development of oil industry. This objective may be achieved through the national association of designers with active involving of specialized self-regulating institutions.
1. Zasedanie Komissii po voprosam strategii razvitiya TEK i ekologicheskoy
bezopasnosti (Meeting of the Commission on the development
strategy of FEC and environmental safety), URL:
2. Kontseptsiya sistemy tekhnicheskogo regulirovaniya v neftegazovoy
otrasli (The concept of the system of technical regulation in
the oil and gas industry), Moscow: Publ. of Ministry of Industry and
Energy of the Russian Federation, 2006, 55 p.

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Geology and geologo-prospecting works

S.S. Cherepanov (LUKOIL-PERM LLC, RF, Perm), I.N. Ponomareva, A.A. Erofeev, S.V. Galkin (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, RF, Perm)
Determination of fractured rock parameters based on a comprehensive analysis of the data core studies, hydrodynamic and geophysical well tests

Key words: crack, special geophysical studies, electric microscanning, X-ray tomography, pressure build-up curve, methods of processing pressure recovery curves, the crack opening.

The article presents an approach to the assessment of fractured rock parameters based on integrated results of geophysical and hydrodynamic studies of wells and core X-ray tomography. The research is carried out for Tournaisiain-Famennian production target of Unvinskoye oilfield Main methods of processing pressure recovery curves are considered, they allow to estimate the parameters of fracture. Comparative characteristics of these methods are given in the article.

1. Savitskiy Ya.V., Proceedings of VI All-Russian Conference “Problemy
razrabotki mestorozhdeniy uglevodorodnykh i rudnykh poleznykh iskopaemykh”
(Problems of development of hydrocarbon deposits and ore minerals),
Perm', 2013, p. 17.
2. Cherepanov S.S., Martyushev D.A., Ponomareva I.N., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo
– Oil Industry, 2013, no. 3, pp. 62-65.
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and fluid transport properties, Gulf Professional Publishing, 2004, 880 p.
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po proektirovaniyu razrabotki i ekspluatatsii neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy.
Dobycha nefti (Reference Guide for reservoir engineering and oilfield development.
Oil production): edited by Gimatudinov Sh.K., Moscow: Nedra Publ.,
1983, 455 p.
6. Erofeev A.A., Ponomareva I.N., Turbakov M.S., Inzhener-neftyanik, 2011,
no. 3, pp. 12-15.
7. Viktorin V.D., Vliyanie osobennostey karbonatnykh kollektorov na effektivnost'
razrabotki neftyanykh zalezhey (Influence of features of carbonate
reservoirs on the efficiency of the development of oil deposits), Moscow: Nedra Publ., 1988, 150 p. 

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A.R. Garaev (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft, RF, Tyumen)
Depositional model of the northern regions of the Neocomian complex of West Siberian megabasin

Key words: sequence, sedimentation, bituminous clay, sequence stratigraphy, West Siberia.

Geological setting of late Oxfordian to Hauterivian sediments of northern regions of West Siberia is considered. Basic depositional models for different stages of the cyclothem formation in the West Siberian basin are shown.
1. Garaev A.R., Gornye vedomosti, 2012, no. 6, pp. 10-18.
2. Garaev A.R., Gornye vedomosti, 2011, no. 8, pp. 24-32. .
3. Garaev A.R., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2013, no. 6, pp. 2-4.

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E.A. Potapova (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen)
Standardization analysis and principles of various authors’ terminology while building lithologic and facies map of deltaic genesis formation

Key words: facies analysis, deltaic system, classification, terminology scale.

The article recites the data on solving problem that relates to necessity to compare lithologic and facies columns and electrometric models in wells done by various authors within one work area in order to build lithological and facies model. The conclusions are made about differences in approaches used to determine zoning. Based on the analysis, the scale of facies zones is proposed that specifies values of certain terms in various classifications.
1. Muromtsev V.S., Elektrometricheskaya geologiya peschanykh
tel – litologicheskikh lovushek nefti i gaza (Electrometric geology
of sand bodies - lithologic oil and gas traps), Moscow: Nedra
Publ., 1984, 256 p.
2. Kolpenskaya N.N., Nizyaeva I.S., Litologo-sedimentologicheskaya
kharakteristika Zapadno-Messoyakhskogo i Vostochno-Messoyakhskogo
mestorozhdeniy (Lithologic and sedimentological characteristics
of the West and East Messoyakhskoye deposits), St. Petersburg:
Publ. of Gazpromneft' NTTs, 2011.
3. Lopatin. A., Latypov E., Gavrilov S., Litologo-fatsial'naya model'
plastov BU16-21 Messoyakhskogo mestorozhdeniya (Lithofacies
model of layers BU16-21 of Messoyakhskoye field), Halliburton Consulting
& Project Management, 2012, 177 р.
4. Baraboshkin E.Yu., Prakticheskaya sedimentologiya. Terrigennye
rezervuary. Posobie po rabote s kernom (Practical sedimentology.
Terrigenous reservoirs. On how to operate core samples), Tver': GERS
Publ., 2011, 152 p.
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stratigraphy, Blackwell Publishing Limited, Second edition, 1986.
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7. Krasheninnikov G.F., Uchenie o fatsiyakh (Theory of facies),
Moscow: Vysshaya shkola Publ., 1971, 368 p.

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Drilling of chinks

A.V. Vervekin, V.M. Plotnikov (Perm National Research Polytechnical University, RF, Perm), V.I. Molodilo VNIIBT-Drilling tools Ltd., RF, Perm)
Process control of downhole motor operation during oil and gas well construction

Key words: oil and gas well drilling, positive displacement motor, differential pressure, control, hydraulic power, torque, feed off control bit, drilling technology, electric powder brake, drilling process automation, rate of penetration, drilling mode.

The article considers application technology and operation peculiarities of downhole motors. Essential rules and requirements to the process control of downhole motor operation have been highlighted. On the basis of main and new principles it has been proposed to automate technological drilling process as per the basic circuit arrangement of the feed off control, taking into consideration a new elementary base and current achievements. Also the article includes stages of implementation technology, results of the first stage. On the research diagrams of the geotechnical study examples of interval drilling with and without electric powder brake have been considered. The drilling technology analysis with the electric powder brake has showed importance of operations renewal on a wide range of application of the feed off control.

1. Patent no. 2013531 RF, MPK E21V44/00, Boring tool feed controller, Inventors: Molodilo V.I., Litvinov I.N.
2. Vervekin A.V., Plotnikov V.M., Molodilo V.I., Stroitel'stvo neftyanykh i gazovykh skvazhin na sushe i na more, 2013, no. 1, pp. 16-19;
3. Molodilo V.I., Korotaev S.N., D'yakonov G.A., Vestnik Assotsiatsii burovykh podryadchikov, 2013, no. 3, pp. 28-33;
4. Certificate of authorship no. 1128646, Sposob kontrolya rezhima raboty vintovogo dvigatelya v zaboynykh
usloviyakh (Method of control the operating mode of the screw engine in downhole conditions), Authors: Baldenko D.F., Bikchurin T.N., Vadetskiy Yu.V., Gusman M.T., Kaplun V.A. et al.
5. Molodilo V.I., Korotaev Yu.A., Medvedev A.Yu., Avtomatizatsiya, telemekhanizatsiya i svyaz' v neftyanoy
promyshlennosti, 2002, no. 1-2, pp. 17-21;

6. Vervekin A.V., Plotnikov V.M., Molodilo V.I., Neftepromyslovoe delo, 2013, no. 9, pp. 66-69. 

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Working out and operation of oil deposits

E.N. Glavnova, E.I. Zhukovskaya, D.N. Dmitruk, M.A. Butorina, V.V. Zhukov (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), K.V. Strizhnev (Gazpromneft-Angara LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)
Geological and reserve development peculiarities of Archinskoye field

Key words: Western Siberia, Archinskoye oilfield, Paleozoic, carbonate sediments, field development optimization.

Conceptual geological cross-section of Archinskoye gas–oil field is considered, which is shown to be carbonate sediment fractured in a varying degree. Fracture network provides hydraulic connectivity between bodies of cavernous and porous rock through the reservoir at macroscopic scale. According to available information the main direction of faults and joints in the Southern block of the field is believed to be parallel to the tectonic compression axis. This allows expecting high hydraulic conductivity of faults in the block. This is reverse situation to the Northern Block where orientation of faults is perpendicular to the compression axis which leads to low expected conductivity of the faults. Fracture network on Archinskoye field plays the twofold role: on the one hand it enhances permeability and connectivity of the reservoir and provides economical production rates; on the other hand it increases the risk of early water breakthrough during injection phase and gas coning towards well in under-gas-cap zones. These factors reduce the ultimate recovery. It is shown that effective velocities of fluid interfaces are controlled mainly by the void space structure constructed of fracture intersections.
1. Zhukovskaya E.A., Lopushnyak Yu.M., Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2006, no. 8, pp. 24-27.
2. Zhukovskaya E.A., Glavnova E.N., Butorina M.A., Collected papers “Osadochnye basseyny, sedimentatsionnye i postsedimentatsionnye protsessy v geologicheskoy istorii” (Sedimentary basins, sedimentation and postsedimentary processes in geological history), Proceedings of VII All-Russian lithological meeting, Novosibirsk, 28-31 October
2013, Novosibirsk: Publ. of INGG SO RAN, 2013, V. 1, pp. 311-314.
3. Butler R.M., Horizontal Wells for the Recovery of Oil, Gas, and Bitumen, The Petroleum Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Calgary, Canada, 1994.

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A.N. Sayakhutdinov, N.R. Kondrateva,D.Ch. Gallyamova, E.V. Karachurina, E.S. Bulatova (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa)
Methodology of hydrodynamic modeling for complex carbonate fractured reservoirs on the example Mancharovskoye field

Key words: carbonate reservoir, Tournaisian sediments, fracturing, hydrodynamic model of dual porosity, auto-hydraulic fracturing, hydrochloric acid treatment.

The problems associated with oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs become relevant in recent years due to high depletion of resources in clastic reservoirs and growing proportion of the remaining recoverable reserves in carbonate rocks. The carbonate reservoirs are characterized by a low coefficient of oil recovery associated with the complex structure of the manifold, low porosity matrix, fracturing, vugularity and tectonic faults. It is necessary to adequately describe the processes occurring in the reservoir for the effective development of reserves collectors of this type. This paper presents a method of constructing a hydrodynamic model of carbonate reservoir as example Tournaisian sediments of Mancharovskoe field.

1. Viktorin V.D., Lykov N.A., Razrabotka neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy, priurochennykh k karbonatnym kollektoram (Development of oil fields, confined
to carbonate reservoirs), Moscow: Nedra Publ., 1980, 202 p.
2. Van Golf-Recht T.D., Fundamentals of fractured reservoir engineering, Elsevier
Scientific Publishing Co., Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1982.
3. Chernitskiy A.V., Geologicheskoe modelirovanie neftyanykh zalezhey massivnogo tipa v karbonatnykh treshchinovatykh kollektorakh (Geological
modeling of massive oil deposits in carbonate type fractured reservoirs), Moscow: Publ. of RMNTK “Nefteotdacha” OAO, 2002, 254 p. 

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А.S. Тimchuk, Yu.V. Zemtsov, А.V. Baranov, А.S. Gordeyev (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen)
The efficiency of biopolymer flooding for the Samotlorskoye field pilot development

Key words: oil recovery enhancement, biopolymer flooding, technology efficiency, biopolymer effect duration.

The authors consider the mechanism of oil recovery enhancement method with polymer flooding and BP-92 effect features. The article provides an information about the integrated work on injection wells injectivity profile modification and BP-92 polymer flooding in the pilot areas including JV1 (Novogodnyaya), AV13 and AV2+3 reservoirs (Samotlorskoye field). The technology effect is assessed.
1. Vlasov S.A., Kagan Ya.M., Neftyanoe
khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2005, no. 2, pp. 70-73.
2. Akhmetov A.T., Vlasov S.A., Krasno pevt se -
va N.V., Kagan Ya.M., Collected papers “Teoriya i
praktika primeneniya metodov uvelicheniya nefteotdachi
plastov” (Theory and practice of EOR
methods), Part 1, Moscow: Publ. of VNIIneft' im.
ak. A.P. Krylova,2009.
3. Litvin V.V., Samoylov M.V., Vlasov S.A. et al., Burenie
i neft', 2010, no. 2.
4. Brezitskiy S.V., Vlasov S.A., Kagan Ya.M., Report
on the First International Conference ENERKON-
2010, Moscow, 22-23 June 2010.
5. Brezitskiy S.V., Vlasov S.A., Kagan Ya.M.,
Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2010,
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al., Collected papers “Science, Technique and
Technol-ogy in Developing Search and Extraction
of Hydrocarbons on Land and Sea”, Krakow:
Instytut Nafty i Gasu, 2008.
7. Grishchenko A.S., Ryzhov S.L., Vlasov S.A. et al.,
Vestnik TsKR Rosnedra, 2009, no.2.
8. Patent no. 2073789 RF, Compound for increasing
efficiency of petroleum production wells, Inventors:
Polishchuk A.M., Kagan Ya.M.,
Krasnopevtsev N.V., Kondratyuk A.T., Lemeshko
N.N., Vlasov S.A.
9. Kulagin S.L., Zemtsov Yu.V., Galimov Sh.S., Burenie
i neft', 2011, no. 2.

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A.V. Kustyshev, Ye.V. Panikarovsky, D.A. Kustyshev (TyumenNIIgiprogas LLC, RF, Tyumen)
Interval standardized acid treatment of low-permeability terrigenous reservoir

Key words: interval standardized acid treatment, low-permeability terrigenous reservoir, well, intensification, critical area of formation, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, mud acid.

Methods of a stimulation of inflow of hydrocarbons in oil and gas wells deposits are considered. It is noted, that their individual processing is necessary for effective extraction of gas from a productive layer with cutting off of each layer from each other. Technologies of processing critical area of formation by cutting off of layers from each other by means of inflatable packers, lowered on flexible pipe coiled tubing installations.
1. Abdulin F.S., Povyshenie proizvoditel'nosti skvazhin (Increased wells productivity), Moscow: Nedra Publ., 1975, 264 p.
2. Geykhman M.G., Zozulya G.P., Kustyshev A.V., Dmitruk V.V., Chabaev L.U.,
Teoriya i praktika kapital'nogo remonta gazovykh skvazhin v usloviyakh
ponizhennykh plastovykh davleniy (Theory and practice gas well workover at
low reservoir pressures), Moscow: Publ. of IRTs Gazprom, 2009, 208 p.
3. Kustyshev A.V., Slozhnye remonty gazovykh skvazhin na mestorozhdeniyakh
Zapadnoy Sibiri (Complex repairs of gas wells in Western Siberia),
Moscow: Publ. of Gazprom ekspo, 2010, 255 p.
4. Patent no. 2082880 RF, MPK E 21 V 43/27, Method of acid treatment of oil
formation, Inventors: Orlov G.A., Muslimov R.Kh., Yusupov I.G., Musabirov
5. Neft', gaz i neftekhimiya za rubezhom, 1989, no. 10, pp. 7-12.
6. Patent no. 2451175 RF. MPK E 21 V 43/27, E 21 V 43/22, Method of bottomhole zone treatment of Low-Permeable Terrigenous formations (versions), Inventors: Panikarovskiy E.V., Kustyshev A.V., Kustyshev D.A. et al.
7. Patent no. 2459948 RF. MPK E 21 V 43/27, Interval treatment method of bottom-hole zone of oil-gas well formations (versions), Inventors: Kustyshev D.A.,
Kustyshev A.V., Nemkov A.V. et al.,
8. Geykhman M.G., Zozulya G.P., Kustyshev A.V., Listak M.V.,Collected papers
“Razrabotka i ekspluatatsiya gazovykh i gazokondensatnykh mestorozhdeniy”
(Development and exploitation of gas and condensate fields),
Moscow: Publ. of IRTs Gazprom, 2007, 112 p.

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Designing of arrangement of deposits

N.U. Maganov, N.G. Ibragimov, V.G. Fadeev (Tatneft OAO, RF, Almetyevsk), R.Z. Sakhabutdinov, F.R. Gubaidulin (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)
Principles of heavy oil fields’ infrastructure development

Key words: strategy, heavy oil, infrastructure development, oil treatment.

The paper discusses the strategy of heavy oil fields’ infrastructure development to provide for efficient heavy oil production through optimization of process flow schemes of oil gathering, treatment, transportation, delivery, water supply and steam generation, and produced water disposal with due account for heavy oil accumulations’ characteristics formation fluids’ properties, as well as requirements imposed by accounting procedures and tax policy.
1. Muslimov R.Kh., Yanguzarova Z.A., Rakutin Yu.V. et. al., Vysokovyazkie
nefti, prirodnye bitumy i ostatochnye nefti razrabatyvaemykh mestorozhdeniy
(High viscosity oil, natural bitumen and residual oil of developed
fields), Proceedings of Scientific and Practical Conference of VI International
Specialized Exhibition "Oil and gas - 99", Kazan': Ekotsentr, 1999,
Part 2, p. 25.
2. Patent 2503806 RF, MPK E 21 V 43/20, F 17 D 1/16, System for heavy oil and natural bitumen deposit arrangement (versions), Inventors: Sakhabutdinov
R.Z., Fadeev V.G., Akhmadullin R.R., Gubaydulin F.R., Sudykin S.N.,
Kudryashova L.V., Shakirova L.N., Sudykin A.N.
3. Patent 2468850 RF, MPK B 01 D 17/00, Heavy oil and natural bitumen dehydration plant, Inventors: Sakhabutdinov R.Z., Sudykin A.N., Gubaydulin
F.R., Makhmutova G.R., Akhmadullin R.R., Gafiyatullin S.S.

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