Determination of fractured rock parameters based on a comprehensive analysis of the data core studies, hydrodynamic and geophysical well tests

Authors: S.S. Cherepanov (LUKOIL-PERM LLC, RF, Perm), I.N. Ponomareva, A.A. Erofeev, S.V. Galkin (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, RF, Perm)

Key words: crack, special geophysical studies, electric microscanning, X-ray tomography, pressure build-up curve, methods of processing pressure recovery curves, the crack opening.

The article presents an approach to the assessment of fractured rock parameters based on integrated results of geophysical and hydrodynamic studies of wells and core X-ray tomography. The research is carried out for Tournaisiain-Famennian production target of Unvinskoye oilfield Main methods of processing pressure recovery curves are considered, they allow to estimate the parameters of fracture. Comparative characteristics of these methods are given in the article.

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