On retrofitting code and normative base in the area of oil industry field construction

Authors: A.F. Ismagilov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), S.I. Agrafenin (Giprovostokneft OJSC, RF, Samara)

Key words: process design documents, code and normative base, oil industry objects, design standards, field construction optimization, innovations

The essential prerequisite for effective and innovative activity of R & D institutes in oil industry is related not only with designing of new procedures, but also relates to their application in project design concepts. The paper considers the challenges in process designing of oil industry objects. The authors present the analysis of present day situation in complying with code and normative base that controls the use of subsurface resources as per the current requirements in oil production. Actualization and constant updating of this code and normative base is one of the aspects in innovative development of oil industry. This objective may be achieved through the national association of designers with active involving of specialized self-regulating institutions.
1. Zasedanie Komissii po voprosam strategii razvitiya TEK i ekologicheskoy
bezopasnosti (Meeting of the Commission on the development
strategy of FEC and environmental safety), URL:
2. Kontseptsiya sistemy tekhnicheskogo regulirovaniya v neftegazovoy
otrasli (The concept of the system of technical regulation in
the oil and gas industry), Moscow: Publ. of Ministry of Industry and
Energy of the Russian Federation, 2006, 55 p.

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