November 2011

The oil and gas industry

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Geology and geologo-prospecting works

P.A. Timoshenko, Yu.N. Shabaev (Surgutneftegaz OAO), I.A. Bogush (South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute))
Prediction and modeling of lithologic oil pools in the Middle Jurassic deposits on basis of geological and geophysical studies

Comprehensive studies of oil-bearing Yu2 layer of Middle Jurassic age in the territory of the eastern part of the Vynglorsky basin of Frolovskaya megadepression (Western Siberia) were conducted. Different lithofacies conditions of the horizon formation on basis of paleogeomorfological analysis, confirmed by materials of core samples studies, are stated. An inverse relationship of minimum amplitudes of seismic waves and the effective thicknesses of Yu2 layer is revealed. As a result it had succeeded to discover and trace zones with the most powerful effective thicknesses, to specify contour of the previously known oil field and to define the boundaries of the newly discovered pool, as well as to assess the prospects of the considered territory and to reveal new objects of exploratory and estimating works.

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V.A. Krinin, A.L. Proskuryakov, A.M. Pyavko (Vankorneft CJSC), N.P. Chervonij (Sibirgeofizika Geological Enterprise OOO), S.P. Levashov (Institute of Engineering Problems of Ecology, Geophisics and Geochemistry OOO)
Application of geoelectrical methods SIFF – VERSF to search for oil and gas in the area of the Vankorskoye field

Non-traditional methods of geological intersection geo-electrical research were studied. These include geo-electrical research of the short-impulse field formation (SIFF) and vertical electro-resonance sensing formation (VERSF). SIFF - VERSF research was carried out in 2009-2010 on the territory of the Vankorskoye field in Rosneft and Vankorneft license areas to evaluate local uplifts oil and gas bearing. As a result of the conducted research on Khiglinskiy, Talyy and Tukolandskaya group local uplifts a conclusion was made about the prospectivity of this methodology, and it was recommended to include the latest into the complex of geologic-geophysical methods of hydrocarbon deposits search and exploration.

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V.A. Pukharev (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
Methodical techniques of the sedimentation analysis for of 3D seismic data interpretation

General downward trend in oil production is observed in recent years at Western Siberia fields being at development for quite a long time. As a result of this the need is generated to specify geological structure of the developed objects and to search for new not developed deposits. Methodical techniques of sedimentation analysis at the interpretation of 3D seismic data, that allow to specify the structure of deposits at the fields with a long history of development, as well as to identify new prospective objects.

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A.V. Isaeva (Zarubezhneft JSC)
New algorithm of the automatic well-to-well correlation

The present paper is concerned with the question of the automatic well-to-well correlation algorithms development. The new approach to the problem is proposed based on the newest achievements in mathematical signal and images processing techniques. With the aid of suggested algorithm particular task of the potentially productive interlayers correlation was solved. It is demonstrated that proposed algorithm in combination with modified kriging technique achieves higher prediction quality than some other predicting techniques.

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Zh.K. Kusanov (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating)
Assessment of oil and gas parent potential of hydrocarbon forming systems and features of development of the resources of Astrakhanskoye and Karachaganakskoye fields

The priority lines of development of applied researches in geology and subsoil using of one-type oil and gas-condensate fields are considered. Geology, geophysics, geochemistry features of hydrocarbon forming systems of Astrakhanskoye and Karachaganakskoye fields of Caspian basin, constituting a set of models of oil and gas fields with a huge oil and gas parent potential, are presented. The new obtained results, when evaluating the prospective resources of undeveloped areas of considered fields may be represented to the technical re-evaluation and recalculation by methodical ways.

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M.A. Grishchenko, E.B. Avramenko, A.E. Lytkin (TNNC LLC)
Estimation of quality of stocks on the basis of geological uncertainty analisis

Existence of geological uncertainties is one of the basic risk factors for disconfirmation of approved hydrocarbon reserves. Nevertheless, there is no unique solution for the problem of accounting geological uncertainties. This article describes the analysis of major uncertainties and methodology for its accounting using three potential scientific directions:  expert, deterministic and stochastic and also the validation of calculations on Samotlor deposit case study.

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Drilling of chinks

V.D. Evseev (National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University)
The nature of the Rehbinder’s effect at rocks destruction

Studies of the freshly formed surfaces of dielectric minerals, being performed over the past decades, have shown that the dielectric surfaces, resulting at destruction, are not electrically neutral, strong electric fields are generated in the cavities of the crack, that indicated on the greater energy capacity of processes running in the cavity of cracks: the crack can be regarded as a high-energy electrons accelerator. But this phenomenon has not been used for understanding the nature of P.A. Rehbinder’s effect. It is not science, but the practical activity forced drillers to abandon attempts to increase the mechanical drilling speed by the introduction of hardness reducers. The task of the day - getting information from the bottomhole of the drilled well through relaxation currents.

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Working out and operation of oil deposits

R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan Federal University)
Experience of development of resources of superviscous oils and natural bitumen of Volga-Ural oil-bearing province

The total resources of natural bitumen of Tatarstan Republic are given by the estimate of various authors. The studies and pilot works to search for the borehole methods of bitumens extracting, showing the prospects of deposits development with use of thermal methods, are executed. It is noted that the use of wave technologies significantly improves the development performance of such deposits. A composite program of development of deposits of heavy oils and natural bitumen is developed. Its fundamentals are considered.

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V.V. Mulyak, M.V. Chertenkov (LUKOIL OAO), A.A. Shamsuarov, A.A. Potryasov (LUKOIL - Western Siberia LLC), V.V. Shkandratov, V.I. Shalamova, V.V. Vakhrushev, A.M. Sartakov (KogalymNIPIneft LUKOIL-Engineering LLC)
Increasing efficiency of hard-to-recover reserves involving in the development with use of multi-zone hydraulic fracturings in horizontal wells

The technology of multi-zone hydraulic fracturings in horizontal wells, mainly used in low-productive gas fields of the USA and Canada, is considered. Nine-point, seven-point and five-point systems of horizontal wells layout, and also technologies of completion of such wells are given. The results of application of technology in wells of LUKOIL - Western Siberia LLC fields are presented. The efficiency of the considered technology introduction is marked.

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A.V. Arzhilovskiy, T.G. Bikbulatov, S.V. Kostyuchenko (TNNTs OOO)
Technology of large fields modeling by the system of conjugate sector models. Part 1. Analysis of the problem situation.

The traditional way of large and giant oil and gas fields modeling is the creation and use of as coarse full-scale and detailed sector models. Such an approach, but the benefits have drawbacks: duplication of sector and full-scale models; hindered  return of data and knowledge, accumulated in the sector models, to the full models; unnecessary material and labor inputs, etc. The analysis of the problem situation is made. The conclusions are drawn about the need to integrate sector and full-scale models, as well as the need of creation full-scale models with detailedness of sector ones.

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E.F. Tsyganova (TNNC LLC)
Uncertainty analysis in case of horizontal wells modeling in heterogeneous anisotropic reservoir

The original integrated concept is applied to the modeling of heterogeneous anisotropic reservoir penetrated by horizontal wells. The uncertainties related to reservoir complexity are analyzed and transferred into wells performance prediction. As a result the method of uncertainties inclusion into conventional simulation process is proposed that will allow more reliable models.

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S.V. Stepanov, N.N. Ivantsov (TNNC LLC)

The article considers the influence of deformation processes as the main reason for steep irreversible rate decline of an actual horizontal producer depleting the Cenomanian oil and gas reservoir. The paper discusses the physics of the ultimate rock strength, comparing it with actual stress at the wall of the well before and after the rate decline. The paper also analyzes the other reasons influencing the rate decline and considers the approach to accounting for the deformation processes in unconsolidated reservoir development.

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S.V. Sokolov (TNNC LLC)
Analysis of oil recovery ratio at multilayer field objects

The problems, associated with substantiation of multilayer fields oil recovery ratios, are considered. The physically meaningful methodology for assessing the oil recovery ratio (sweep efficiency) by mean values of deposit geological parameters is proposed. The results of applying the proposed method are illustrated by the example of one of multilayer deposits of Western Siberia.

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V.V. Zatsepin, Yu.V. Alekseev (Gazpromneft NTC LLC)
Correspondence of results of the hydrodynamic modeling of water-gas formation stimulation with actual development indexes

The comparison of the development hydrodynamic modeling results and actual data for the test area of the Novogodneye field, at which the water-gas stimulation technology was used, is given. It is shown that the reliability of the results of hydrodynamic modeling of water-gas formation stimulation is low even on conditions that necessary results of laboratory investigations of core material and reservoir fluids are available. As a result of pilot experiment it is confirmed that in the low-permeable hydrophilic reservoir injected gas displaces mainly from the porous medium previously pumped into the reservoir water.

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D.Yu. Kryanev, S.A. Zhdanov (VNIIneft OAO)
State and problems of scientific support for enhanced reservoir recovery methods

The problems and prospects for application of enhanced oil recovery methods in Russia are considered. The domestic and foreign experience in the creation and implementation of such methods is given. The basic conditions necessary for successful solutions to existing problems are formulated. The primary role of government in the development of science intensive technologies is marked.

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S.I. Chizhov (RITEK OAO), D.S. Sergeev (Branch of RITEK OAO – Volgogradneftegaz TPP), N.S. Sibileva (LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft OOO), A.N. Stepanov (LUKOIL-VolgogradNIPImorneft OOO), M.A. Sybilev (LUKOIL OAO)
Features of changes of the properties of reservoirs and oil of massive reef deposits of the Volgogradskaya Oblast

The revealing of regularity of change of reservoir properties (porosity) and formation hydrocarbon systems through the deposits height are of significant theoretical and practical interest for the massive (reef) deposits. Processing of the results of complex field-geophysical studies (porosity determination) through the wells of evlano-livenskiy horizon of Pamyatno-Sasovskoye field, semiluksko-rudkinskiy horizon of Kliuchevskoye field is carried out. Depth probes of oil of Pamyatno-Sasovskoye field are selected and analyzed. In general, significant changes in properties of reservoirs and oil through the deposits height are not revealed.

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S.N. Zakirov, A.Sh. Murtazaliev (Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS)
Comparative experiments on the wettability within the framework of absolute and effective pore space concepts

Laboratory studies on artificial dry cores and on the same cores with residual water saturation were performed. Artificial cores consisted of cemented sandstone samples with different content of cement, i.e., differed in reservoir properties. The method of research execution is considered. It is established that the experiments based on the concept of absolute pore space can lead to incorrect qualitative conclusions, as well as low correlation coefficients of petrophysical relationships or significant errors in parameters determining.

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N.A. Drozdov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Investigation of water-alternating-gas injection

The series of filtration experiments were carried out on sand packed reservoir models to study the influence of gas content in the water-gas mixture of oil displacement factor for the conditions of Russkoye and Samodurovskoye fields. Studies have shown the feasibility of water-gas mixtures injection into the reservoir, not only in terms of utilization of associated gas, but also in terms of enhanced oil recovery. The studies showed that water-alternating-gas (WAG) injection can become a very effective way to develop heavy oil fields.

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Technics and technology of oil recovery

V.M. Valovsky, G.Yu. Basos, K.V. Valovsky (TatNIPIneft Tatneft OAO), R.G. Zabbarov (Engineering Centre of Tatneft OAO)
Energy-saving technologies for producing water-cut oil using downhole oil-water gravity separation systems

The paper discusses ways to improve efficiency of wells producing heavily water-cut oil using technologies based on downhole gravity oil and water separation. The technological solutions include systems for alternate discharge of oil and water to the inlet of downhole pump, devices for separate lift of oil and water, ESP-based dual-action pumping systems providing for lift of water-free oil to surface and simultaneous pumping of segregated water to water-absorbing formation.

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Designing of arrangement of deposits

M.M. Shats (Melnikov Institute of Permafrostology, SB of RAS)
The influence of climate changes on objects of oil and gas complex in permafrost zone

Showing the current trends of climate change and their implications for engineering structures of permafrost and assess the prospects for the northern regions. On the example of oil industry infrastructure shows the relationship of reliability to the dynamics of climate.

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Rational use of oil gas

N.N. Andreeva, M.Yu. Tarasov, S.S. Ivanov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OJSC, HMS Group)
The use of light liquid hydrocarbons at design of the systems of field treatment, transport and sales of associated petroleum gas

The necessity of expanding the range of production of oil and gas industry enterprises by giving the status of commodity output to light liquid hydrocarbons, extracted from the associated petroleum gas at the treatment and transportation of oil, is shown. The necessity of developing new norms relating to the collection, treatment and transport of gas is shown. The technological solutions that can be used at the given documents development are proposed.

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The oil-field equipment

A.N. Anoshkin, V.Yu. Zuyko (State National Research Polytechnical University of Perm), S.G. Ivanov (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
Prediction of load-bearing capacity in a welded metal-reinforced thermoplastic pipe joint using the finite element technique

This paper presents a study of two-dimensional axisymmetric finite element analyses of a welded metal-reinforced thermoplastic pipe joint for stresses and deformations in order to understand the mechanical behavior. A stress redistribution phenomenon in the reinforcing skeleton is revealed. The results obtained from the destructive tests on butt couplings were compared with finite element models. Good correlations were found.

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V. Minlikaev (Gazprom OAO), A. Mokshaev (Gazprom dobycha Orenburg OOO), F. Khafizov, A. Elizarov (Novomet Service OOO), A. Rabinowich, N. Bezmaternykh (Novomet-Perm ZAO)
Experience of electric centrifugal pumps operating in conditions of oil-gas condensate field at the high content of hydrogen sulfide

The experience of the introduction of mechanized oil recovery equipment at the Orenburg oil-gas condensate field of Gazprom dobycha Orenburg OOO is considered. Operation conditions at the given field are characterized by high content of hydrogen sulfide in crude production, that is accompanied by corrosion cracking of the equipment. It is shown how domestic high-reliability corrosion-resistant electric centrifugal pumps installations are created in sulfide corrosion cracking resistant version for operation in such conditions by the joint efforts of the operating organization and the manufacturer of oilfield equipment.

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Information technology

М.B. Shinkarev, E.R. Vagapov, R.V. Storozhev (TNNC LLC)
Efficiency evaluation of parallel calculations using dynamic simulators in cloud environments

The article studies efficiency of scaled parallel calculations made with using industrial dynamic simulators. Possibilities to apply parallel calculations in cloud computational environment are considered. Efficiency of calculations in the cloud versus calculations on high-performance workstations and clusters is evaluated. Detected limitations in parallel calculations scaling efficiency are described.

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Pipeline transport of oil

Sh.I. Rakhmatullin (Center of Pipeline Transport Hydraulics of the Republic of Bashkortostan Academy of Sciences), V.G. Karamyshev (Institute of Power Resource Transport SUE), A.N. Korkishko (LUKOIL - Western Siberia LLC)
Modeling of liquid outflow through the crack of complex configuration at the pipe wall rupture

The model and algorithm of liquid outflow through the crack of complex configuration at the pipeline wall rupture are proposed. Calculation results are compared with experimental data by the example of diamond-shaped crack. The comparison indicates a satisfactory correspondence between theoretical and experimental data for engineering calculations.

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Ecological and industrial safety

A.A. Mukhamadiev, A.V. Sofronov, M.F. Valiev, I.A. Burganov (Oilfield Chemistry and Service Business Unit, Mirrico Group of Companies)
Effective technologies of struggle against hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans at the oil-extracting enterprises

New neutralizers of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans Asulpher 6002, Asulpher 6012 and Sulfanox are developed. A number of laboratory and experimental-industrial reagents effectiveness tests was carried out. High efficiency of these products compared to traditionally used neutralizers is marked.

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