Application of geoelectrical methods SIFF – VERSF to search for oil and gas in the area of the Vankorskoye field

Authors: V.A. Krinin, A.L. Proskuryakov, A.M. Pyavko (Vankorneft CJSC), N.P. Chervonij (Sibirgeofizika Geological Enterprise OOO), S.P. Levashov (Institute of Engineering Problems of Ecology, Geophisics and Geochemistry OOO)
Non-traditional methods of geological intersection geo-electrical research were studied. These include geo-electrical research of the short-impulse field formation (SIFF) and vertical electro-resonance sensing formation (VERSF). SIFF - VERSF research was carried out in 2009-2010 on the territory of the Vankorskoye field in Rosneft and Vankorneft license areas to evaluate local uplifts oil and gas bearing. As a result of the conducted research on Khiglinskiy, Talyy and Tukolandskaya group local uplifts a conclusion was made about the prospectivity of this methodology, and it was recommended to include the latest into the complex of geologic-geophysical methods of hydrocarbon deposits search and exploration.

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