January 2011

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The oil and gas industry

R.Kh. Muslimov, professor of Kazan State University, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan
Once again about the Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030

It is noted, that the main integral indicators of the state and the development of the petroleum industry are the degree of the reserves reproduction and oil recovery. Oil fields reserves structure classification by the degree of recovery (by R.Kh. Muslimov) is given. A general increase in reserves and the increase in reserves due to the oil recovery are considered. It is concluded that the strategy should be aimed at improving the efficiency of oil output and its use.

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The oil and gas companies

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Geology and geologo-prospecting works

S.G. Bobkova, I.Sh. Usmanov, M.A. Kocherga (SurgutNIPIneft)
Interpretation of materials of wells geophysical studies at high formation water salinity

The laboratory studies of formation waters of Surgutneftegaz OAO license areas in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are carried out. A new approach to the interpretation of materials of wells geophysical studies, using reservoir fluids density data, is suggested.

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A.M. Kuznetsov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC), V.V. Kuznetsov (VNIIneft OAO), N.N. Bogdanovich (Moscow Research Center of Technology Company Schlumberger OOO)
On the question of preserving natural wettability of a core taken from wells

Processes of change in the nature of pore space surface wettability of the core at its taking from the layer, rising to the surface and preparing for petrophysical studies are considered. It is shown that at application of modern core technology to preserve the natural characteristics of wettability is not possible. Methodical techniques to restore the natural characteristics of wettability during seepage studies are described.

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T.F. Sokolova, G.R. Vasilevskaya, E.A. Izyumova (Fugro Geoscience GmbH)
Substantiation of water contact position in the Upper Jurassic strata in conditions of facies changeability

The need to solve the oil-water contact position substantiation problem, which occurs in the process of study sediments with significant vertical and lateral heterogeneity of the cut, is noted. The main petroliferous object of the east part of latitudinal Priobye - production horizon UV1 of Callovian-Oxfordian age is considered. Investigations were carried out in the process of integrated interpretation of data of 3D seismic, geographic information system, core study and development indicators analysis.

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Drilling of chinks

R.Sh. Mufazalov (Timurneftegaz NPF OOO)
Reactive acoustic technology of deep horizontal wells drilling

The problem of sonar field effect on the filtration process is considered in detail. The experience of application of reactive acoustic technology of deep horizontal wells drilling is analyzed. The advantages of the considered technology are noted.

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B.M. Kurochkin (VNIIBT), A.Ya. Vacula, R.R. Bikbulatov, S.A. Pilyaev (Bureniye OOO), I.I. Kagarmanov (Tatneft OAO)
Pilot testing a damping device, installed in the lower section of the turbodrill

Uncovered are the causes of rapid failure of the boring head bearing assemblies - spindles. The schemes of sequential rotor movement relative to the stator by 60° и 90° sectors are given. The effectiveness of damping device application in the lower section of the turbodrill is marked.

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Information technology

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A.P. Bespalov (Tatneft OAO)
Outsourcing and its cost measuring

A method for calculating the specific units of the degree of service objects automation is developed. It is noted that this technique allows to measure the degree of automation systems development in the dynamics.

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S.A. Korsun (Giprovostokneft OAO)
Integration technologies used in design automation complex system of Giprovostokneft OAO

Examples of integration of calculation programs and computer-aided design systems on the basis of the unified information space of organization and automation of the systems of performance specifications exchange between the related disciplines in the design process are considered.

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K.V. Strizhnev (Gazpromneft NTC LLC)
Development of cientific and methodological basis for the national bundled software “RIR – Project” creation

A brief review of publications devoted to research in the field of study and development of computational methods of individual processes of repair and insulation works in the wells is given. The algorithm, which includes four blocks (technological, geological, chemical and economic) and allowing to make a choice of wells - candidates for carrying out of the repair and insulation works, to monitor the process realization, to assess the technological and economic efficiency, is suggested.

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The oil-field equipment

M.D. Valeev, A.G. Gazarov (OZNA-Management LLC), K.E. Kordik (KogalymNIPIneft LLC), O.V. Davydova (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)
Comparative analysis of equipment for measuring gas-oil ratio

Comparative analysis of the most commonly used equipment to measure oil-gas ratio (GOR) on well-site is given. The pros and cons of the measuring units are described. Basic appraisal criteria for measuring equipment are determined. A technical solution used by OZNA OOO to develop a mobile laboratory of GOR
measurement is noted to be promising for measurement of gas-oil ratio.

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Yu.V. Paharukov, V.F. Bocharnikov, S.V. Petruhin, V.V. Petruhin (Tyumen State Oil-and-Gas University)
Results of experimental researches of radial vibration at use of shock-absorbers of steps submerged the electrical submersible pump

Results of researches of influence of shock-absorbers of steps in section submerged the electrical submersible pump for an oil recovery on size of radial and axial vibration in laboratory conditions at the stand of dynamic tests are submitted.

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