Open-hole well completion analysis using borehole acoustic scanner and an optical borehole televiewer

Authors: V.E. Kosarev, Yu.S. Maslennikova, A.D. Akchurin, K.M. Yusupov (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, RF, Kazan), V.N. Gorbachev, M.L. Mikheev (TNG-Group LLC, RF, Bugulma)
Key words: Acoustic scanner, Optical borehole televiewer
This paper presents a method for an open-hole well completion analysis using a Borehole Acoustic Scanner and a Borehole Video Imager. Acoustic ultrasonic scanning has been used for lithological well profile analysis, cavernous and fractured-cavernous zones identification in a testing well. The video imager provides important information about the well geological structure and fractured zones. It is shown that the combined interpretation of the borehole acoustic scanner data and video imager data provides complete geological information about the testing well. Corresponding approach could be useful for developing acoustic scanning template database.


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