On the studying of emulsions formation process in the layer and the possibility of their application for increasing of oil recovery factor

Authors: N.M. Safarov (Oil Gas Scientific Research Project Institute, SOCAR, the Azerbaijan Republic, Baku)
E-mail: natik_safarov@mail.ru
Key words: water-oil emulsions, difficultly taken stocks, the flooding of well production , the layer model, oil factor, rhotoviskosity, effective viscosity,

In the article the method of water-oil emulsions injection in a layer, which formed of extracted production of the given layer is offered. Experimental researches on process studying inside layer formations of water oil emulsions and possibility of their further application for increase of oil recovery factor on the basis of new technology - rheotechnology. It is revealed, that efficiency of waterflooding process, especially for high viscosity non-newton oils deposits it can be considerable it is increased at the expense of technology application water oil emulsion influences which allows to regulate and optimize process of an intensification of oil extracting, increasing thereby coverage of a layer and quantity of the oil superseded from it.

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