Investigation of desalination process in the development of saline clastic reservoirs of Verkhnechonskoye аield

Authors: I.A. Vinogradov, A.A. Zagorovsky, V.A. Grinchenko (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen), Ya.I. Gordeev (Verkhechonskneftegaz OJSC, RF, Irkutsk)
Key words: terrigenous formation, surficial salination, halite, desalination, washout of saline deposits, highly saline water, core experiments.

The paper addresses the issues of desalinization of terrigenous reservoir in the Verkhnechonsky horizon, pore throats of which are lined with halite. The paper presents general results of core laboratory tests. It demonstrates changes in fresh water salinity and rheology during the process of its filtration through salinized core sample. The scale of porosity and permeability change during rock desalinization is shown. Critical factors controlling oil displacement efficiency are identified. 

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