Experience of injectivity profile leveling at the high-temperature and low-permeability reservoirs of Taylakovskoye field

Authors: M.A. Vinokhodov, S.M. Ishkinov (Slavneft - Megionneftegaz OJSC, RF, Megion), R.V. Sidorov, R.L. Pavlishyn (KhimServisInzhiniring MPK OOO, RF, Moscow)
E-mail: info@cse-inc.ru
Key words: injectivity profile, Taylakovskoye field, candidate wells.

Geological production characteristic of two reservoirs of Taylakovskoye field is given. Seepage tracer studies on these reservoirs are performed. Pressure wells injectivity profile leveling technology, based on the use of a homogeneous aqueous solution, containing the gel-forming systems, is suggested. The effectiveness of its implementation is marked.

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