Features of oil pool modeling at unconcordant strata bedding

Authors: S.B. Denisov, E.A. Popova, P.A. Shakhov (VNIIneft OAO, RF, Moscow)
E-mail: sbdenisov@gmail.com
Key words: stratigraphic surfaces, unconcordance, washouts, roof, surface
of stratum, model parametric framework.
The experience of the construction of the structural framework of the geological
model in conditions of unconcordant productive strata bedding is
considered. Ways of construction of structural and parametric model framework
are analyzed. The method of restoring the stratigraphic thicknesses in
the area of the strata roof washout and in the absence of the lower stratigraphic
boundary, untapped by drilling, that allows the correct partition of
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the cut at the construction of a model parametric grid, is proposed. The
structural framework, reflecting the actual occurrence and connectivity of
thin-layer section interlayers, is constructed.

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