Improvement of the development of low-permeable reservoirs of complexly constructed objects by the example of Taylakovskoye field

Authors: Yu.V. Shuljev, A.P. Ryazanov (Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OAO), S.B. Denisov, I.V. Evdokimov (VNIIneft OAO), S.E. Sutormin (VNIIneft-Western Siberia ZAO)
It is noted that the problems of development of reservoirs of complexly constructed fields are stipulated by objective and subjective factors: the neglect of the geological structure and nonfulfilment of design solutions. It is shown that it is impossible at the design stage to take into account all set of factors affecting the efficiency of field development. The conclusion about the relevance of development analysis monitoring on the field model as a basis for the technological decision-making process is drawn.

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