September 2010

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Информационные технологии в нефтяной и газовой промышленности

The main theme of release:
Information technology in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry

I.G. Melnikov, president, Association of Russian Oil and Gas Field Services Providers (Soyuzneftegazservice)
Technology platform as strategic frame for the Russian fuel and energy complex modernization

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Economy, management, legal questions

E.V. Uvarova, L.D. Zubov (Giprovostokneft OJSC)
Experience in building an integrated design management system of Giprovostokneft OAO

The experience in building an integrated production design management system of Giprovostokneft OAO, based on the use of modern information technologies and computer-aided facilities, integration with existing quality management system on the base of optimal organizational structure, is presented.

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T.N. Sergeeva (Giprovostokneft OJSC)
Design organizations in conditions of self-regulation

The experience of Giprovostokneft OAO in fulfilling the requirements of self-regulating organizations for obtaining permit to the performance of design works for capital construction objects, including the specially dangerous and technically complex facilities, is considered.

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Information technology

I.O. Kalyuzhny, V.V. Shunkin (Bashneft ANK OAO)
Modern approaches to construction of IT infrastructure of a vertically integrated oil companies

The projects, implemented by Bashneft ANK OAO in the field of IT infrastructure, are considered. The classification of the data processing centers is given.

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S.V. Smirnov, P.V. Dmitrakov, D.V. Volokhov (Gazpromneft NTC LLC)
Thin client for thick software

The problems, that the creation of a data processing center allows to solve, are considered. Thin client technology functional diagram from Hewlett-Packard Company and the hosting applications solution topology are given. Stages of testing technology of Hewlett-Packard Company are presented.

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E.Yu. Spirin (RN-Inform LLC)
The automated control system and safety of the Vankorskoye oilfield: creation principles, technical decisions

The basic components of the complex automated control system and safety of Vankorskoye oilfield of Rosneft Oil Company are described. The basic technical decisions and substantiations of their choice are resulted.

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O.Yu. Taljanov, L.Z. Khamidullin (RN-Yuganskneftegaz LLC)
Wells repair performance monitoring tools in the service of the Central Engineering and Technology Management

The general scheme of business process of optimization the tasks of planning, accounting and monitoring the implementation of geological and technical actions in wells of RN-Yuganskneftegaz LLC is given.

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P. Plotnikov (ELAR corporation)
Electronic archive of technical documentation - the guarantee of effective control of production processes of an enterprise

The effectiveness of creating an electronic archive system, that will allow to automate the work of subdivisions, using design estimates, scientific and technical, design, repair and maintenance documentation in the daily activities, is marked.

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S.G. Pavlov, Yu.B. Baranov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)
Geoinformation systems for Gazprom OAO business processes support

The typical models of spatial data and their composition are presented. The necessity of a spatial data infrastructure forming is substantiated and ways of its creation are outlined.

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V.A. Pozdnyakov, A.V. Lapushov, A.V. Khodyaev (RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC)
Structure of corporate seismic data storage

Results of organization of seismic information corporate archive and using geoinformation systems for environment seismogeological models creation are stated. Example of realization of the thematic geoinformation project, based on archival spatially-distributed information and experience of object-oriented technology for environment seismogeological models construction is presented.

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K.S. Kulga (Ufa State Aviation Technical University)
The methodology of creating an integrated information system for the automation of technical preparation of petroleum engineering products

The results of the creation and implementation of the methodology for designing an integrated information system meant for automation of business processes of technical preparation of products in a single information space of oilfield equipment companies, operating in conditions of competition constant increase, are considered.

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Geology and prospecting works

S.B. Denisov, I.V. Evdokimov (VNIIneft OAO), V.A. Badyanov (KogalymNiPineft OOO)
On the reserves estimation error

It is shown, that examination of the reserves accounting tables by multiplying the apparent calculation parameters leads to reserves estimation errors and is contrary to the rules of computational mathematics. The error of rounding is considered. Ways of eliminating contradictions are suggested.

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Drilling of chinks

I.G. Katrichek (Surgutneftegaz OAO)
Application of dynamic smart systems to detect abnormal situations in the process of well-boring

The approach to detect abnormal conditions in the construction of wells based on the analysis of telemetry data using the methods of artificial intelligence is described. The architecture of the real-time expert system to detect of emergencies in the process of well-boring is given.

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Working out and operation of oil deposits

V.A. Baikov, N.K. Bakirov, A.A. Yakovlev (UfaNIPIneft RN LLC)
New approaches to the geological and hydrodynamic modeling

A new method of constructing three-dimensional geological model on the base of geostatistical modeling of geophysical parameter according to the data of geophysical investigations is suggested. The simulation results for two oil fields of Western Siberia are presented. The capability of obtaining detailed, fairly realistic implementations of geological models, which will give the opportunity to compare different implementations and to predict the quantitative heterogeneity of reservoir, its hydrodynamic characteristics by input data, is shown.

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I.V. Kovalenko, P.V. Galchanskiy, G.O.
Method of preliminary estimation of field development system optimal parameters before fullscale simulation

The new-made advanced method of well spacing estimation is demonstrated which could be used for any type of field development system and allows to evaluate the most optimal parameters in accordance with oilfield properties in the shortest possible time. In this work the method is illustrated on the example of horizontal wells application on the oilfield of Uvat region in Western Siberia.

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A.A. Gimazov, A.V. Bajzigitova, S.M. Bikbulatov, I.I. Vladimirova, M.A. Shabalin (RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC)
Construction of a proxy model to calculate the oil production levels in the reservoir under gas zones

An approach to the construction of simplified proxy models to calculate the levels of hydrocarbon production from reservoirs with a gas cap is considered. The algorithm for calculating the production levels is described. An example for one of the reservoirs of Kynskoye field is given. The comparison with the results of a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model is carried out.

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A.G. Solomatin, A.V. Osipov, Yu.N. Yalov (BNIIneft OAO)
Technical and economic efficiency evaluation model of cyclic steam stimulation

Economic efficiency evaluation model of cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) has been developed. This model includes CSS operation and steam generation cost and was used to optimize CSS on the basis of technological and economical variables. Optimum CSS, based on technological variables, not necessarily results in the best economic efficiency.

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V.T. Pitkevich, G.V. Lozhkin, E.V. Moreva, I.I. Zubarev, A.V. Morev (Siberian Research Institute of Oil Industry JSC), I.G. Kashapov (Gazpromneft-Vostok LLC)
Mathematical modeling of relative phase permeabilities in three-phase saturation area by the results of physical modeling on the core samples

A mathematical model of representation of data of research of water-gas effects on the cores in the form of relative phase permeabilities surfaces and isoperms for oil, gas and water in the actual three-phase oil saturation area is considered.

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T.Sh. Salavatov, R.B. Mamedzade, E.A. Panakhov (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy), S.F. Akhmedov (Azneft PO State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic)
Oil and gas fields development effectiveness increase on the base of an integrated approach at the decision making

The approaches to improve the effectiveness of oil and gas fields development, agreeable to the standards of energy and resource saving, are suggested. The prospectivity of their use in the design of further development of oil and gas fields, including hard-to-recover reserves, is shown.

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R.S. Khisamov, R.G. Farkhullin, M.G. Khannanov (Tatneft OAO), M.Kh. Khairullin, M.N. Shamsiyev, E.R. Badertdinova (Institute of Mechanics and Engineering Kazan Science Center RAN)
Thermohydrodynamic study of vertical oil wells

 A method for determination the filtration and thermophysical parameters of the reservoir is suggested. As the initial information the downhole temperature variation curves, taken after the start of vertical well, are used.

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L.М. Petrova, N.A. Abbakumova, T.R. Foss, G.V. Romanov A. E. (Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan Scientific Center of RAS), R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan State University), S.V. Krupin (Kazan State Technological University)
On the repeated use of oil recovery flow-redizecting technologies

After successful application in several areas of technology-based high-modulus water glass during the second of its application in three years more oil at these sites lacked. However, the composition of petroleum after the application of technology has undergone significant change, indicating the connection is not involved in earlier in the development of less permeable aleurolitic interlayers, the oil recovery factor of which is low. The question arises - in the absence of increase in oil production to consider it further, or to recognize the application flow-redizecting technology is not effective?

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Technics and technology of oil recovery

A.I. Ipatov (Gazprom Neft JSC), A.A. Pavlov (Soyuzneftegazdinamikk OOO)
Ion telemetry for permanent downhole gages for production control in oil wells

Important part of permanent downhole gage systems (PDGS) in case of cable-free systems is cannel for on-line data transmission to surface through the wellbore. Paper presents such cannel with produced water as a transferring agent. Modern technologies combined application for measurements and especially data transferring from downhole to surface allow drastically solve a problem with PDGS and thereby increase reliability and responsiveness of production control systems.

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M.B. Glebov, A.P. Denisyuk, Yu.G. Shepelev, E.M. Koltsova, V.M. Lazarev, A.V. Zhensa, A.V. Moiseev (D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia)
Activation of oil wells by means of case solid propellant gas generators and use of the materials which are not littering a wellsite

A solid-propellant gas generator for oil well treatment has been developed to increase oil recovery. The gas generator features by both a new ignition method of the solid-propellant charge and material of the housing which reacts with a well liquid to prevent oil well contamination. Solutions have been proposed that allow choosing the characteristics of the solid-propellant charge for treatment of a specific oil well depending on mineral composition of oil-bearing rocks. The chemical interaction of solid composition’s burning products between various rocks is investigated.

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N.M. Safarov (Neftegazproject Institute , SOCAR)
The development and analysis of mathematical model which describes rheopexical properties of viscous loose medium in nonstasionary flow

It is describe analytical and numerical analysis of experimental results, which enables to reveal possible variation appear process and pipe carrying capacity change , and also “blocking” effect , which is considered characteric  for viscous loose mediums . A mathematical model, which good describes viscous loose medium rheopexical properties in nonstasionary flow has been suggested. Suggested mathematical model allows to develop the strategy of prevention as well as liguidation of complications , appeared in oil production.

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A.R. Sarvarov, A.V. Loktev, I.D. Bolgov, M.V. Murzyakov (TNK-Nizhnevartovsk OAO)
Isolation of leaky sites of the flow string and productive stratum by installation of the packer 4 PMS

The scheme of installation of the packer 4 PMS with the inserted pump in the well of TNK-Nizhnevartovsk OAO is given. The diagrams of operation of wells, equipped with borehole sucker rod pumps, is considered. The advantages and disadvantages of operation of wells with borehole sucker rod pumps and packer are marked.

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The oil-field equipment

G.Yu. Basos, K.V. Valovskiy, B.F. Zairov (TatNIPIneft), R.R. Akhmadullin, A.A. Ivanov, A.Kh. Shayakhmetov (Nurlatneft NGDU)
The results of dedicated sucker rod pumping units application in Nurlatneft NGDU

This paper discusses basic principles and the results of field application of a new technology in which sucker rod pumping units are used for lifting well-stream through production casing (without the use of tubing). This technology improves the efficiency of operation of heavy oil wells, marginal wells and slim wells with significant cost savings.

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A.Ya. Kartelev (Geokart OOO)
Design and technological capabilities of downhole electro-hydraulic units

The construction and operation of downhole electro-hydraulic units, designed for bottomhole zone cleanup with the aim to increase wells production and intake capacity, maintenance of the detailed seismic prospecting, major repair of casing strings through the installation of metal protective sleeve-patches are considered.

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B.N. Abramovich, D.A. Ustinov, V.E Poljakov (Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute)
Dynamic stability of operating modes electrocentrifugal pumps installations

Questions of definition boundary steady operation of electrocentrifugal pumps (EPI) are considered. Results of researches dynamic stability EPI, with usage model made on the basis of the equations, describing electromagnetic and electromechanical processes in underground electric motor are resulted. The dependences are revealed, allowing to define maximum permissible depth of failures of power in system of electrical supply EPI and power on an output of uninterruptible power supplies at which dynamic stability of technological process is provided.

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A.G. Gumerov, R.S. Zaynullin, R.R. Mukhametshin (IPTER GUP)
Guidelines for calculation of strength and life expectancy of oilfield equipment in conditions of the mechanochemical damageability of the metal

The guidelines on the calculations of strength and service life of equipment, which feature is the account of the acceleration of corrosion processes under mechanical stresses, are offered. The basic calculation formulas are given

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Designing of arrangement of deposits

V.Z. Kuzenkov, A.V. Liepinsh, A.A. Napryushkin, N.A. Povalkovich, A.A. Muruntaev (TomskNIPIneft JSC)
Fields construction projects management on the basis of engineering documents circulation system in TomskNIPIneft JSC

The basic principles of the creation of engineering documents management system in the TomskNIPIneft JSC Research and Design Institute of Petroleum Industry, used at the preparation of design documents for the fields construction, are considered.

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S.S Primakov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Pipeline thawing effect on the permafrost boundary position in the summer period

The temperature field describing method, allowing to use any number of heat sources and satisfying the boundary condition on the pipeline surface with any given accuracy, is suggested. The different methods of calculation of permafrost boundaries displacement are given. The high accuracy of the proposed method solution is marked.

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Rational use of oil gas

S.A. Arystanbekova, M.S. Lapina, A.E. Skryabina, A.B. Volynsky (Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC)
Universal method for the determination of the associated natural gas composition by gas chromatography

Complex of the methods is developed for the determination of a complete chemical composition of the associated natural gas. For the separation of hydrocarbons С1-С8+, carbon dioxide and high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide a column with a polymeric adsorbent is used. Nitrogen, oxygen, helium and hydrogen are separated on a column with the molecular sieves. Sulfur-containing compounds (low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, individual mercaptanes С1-С4, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, tetrahydrothiophene and others) are determined by capillary gas chromatography with a flame-photometric detector.

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Petroleum industry abroad

N.M.Baykov (Institute of world economy and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Capital investments in the oil and gas industry of the USA and Canada in 2010

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The information

Masters of geology for the oil and gas companies

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The forgotten pages of history of magazine "Oil industry"

J.V.Evdoshenko, (Joint-Stock Company "Publishing house the "Oil-industry")
V.N.Yakubov – the first editor of magazine «Oil economy» (To the 120 anniversary from the date of a birth)

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