March 2010

Главная тема номера: образование, наука, инновации 
К 80-летию Российского государственного университета нефти и газа им.И.М.Губкина
The main theme of number: formation, a science, innovations
To the 80 anniversary of the Russian state university of oil and gas of I.M.Gubkina

To the Russian state university of oil and gas of a name of I.M.Gubkina of 80 years

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Yu.V. Shulyev (Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OAO), V.G. Martynov, V.V. Kulchitskiy, A.A. Sazonov, A.S. Larionov, D.V. Grishin (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Innovative educational technologies of drilling supervising

The experience of the introduction of distance interactive-industrial drilling supervising learning in Gubkin Oil and Gas University at an object of Slavneft-Megionneftegaz OAO is considered. The structure of interaction between the University departments, solving the problems in the area of wells construction and development, is shown.

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A.N. Drozdov, K.V. Skitkin (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Innovative technologies of artificial lift: industrial implementation based on distributed partnering model

Represents basic implementation effect of the artificial lift innovative technologies, developed by scientific-educational centre SMENA of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Further technology development and implementation perspectives are shown in conjunction with a model of distributed partnership developed in the University and based on state-private principles of projects financing.

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M.A. Silin, L.A. Magadova, V.B. Gubanov, M.D. Pakhomov, V.A. Mazurov, V.V. Koshelev (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Laboratory studies on the composition for inhibiting the process of scaling

Laboratory study on the inverse emulsion, containing scaling inhibitor Insan, is carried out. Modeling of the process of the emulsion injection in the bottomhole zone of the producing well, followed by filtration of brine and analysis of samples of the aqueous phase, are executed. It is shown, that the partial destruction of the emulsion provides Insan content in water at concentrations necessary for the successful inhibition process. The technique of filtration experiment is stated. The results of subsequent analysis of samples of the aqueous phase with the aim to determine the presence and concentration of Insan in each of them are given.

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The Gubkinsky research-and-production centre of oil and gas geology and hydrodynamics

On January, 29th, 2010 at the Russian state university of oil and gas of I.M.Gubkin the presentation of noncommercial partnership «The Gubkinsky research-and-production centre of oil and gas geology and hydrodynamics» has taken place.

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Economy, management, jurisprudence

A.A. Mastepanov, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
Global Energy and Russia: Russian inshight from 2009

The article gives consideration to the problems of global power engineering and a place of Russia in its development. Analysis is provided for the place of hydrocarbons in the global energy balance, cause-and-effect relations of oil and gas market in the last decade and the world economic and financial crisis. Also a review is given to the relations between the countries producing and consuming energy resources and, in particular, in the context of so-called «recourses nationalism». The conclusion is made, that mankind is to be facing with global economic shocks in case an epoch-making changes have not been taken in the world business relationship.

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Geology and geological exploration

S.N. Zakirov, I.M. Indrupskiy, E.S. Zakirov, D.P. Anikeev, M.N. Baganova
To the Reliable Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Reserves and 3D Modeling

It is revealed and testified that conventional approaches to the 3D reservoir characterization of oil and gas deposits together with evaluation of their reserves do not satisfy requirements of contemporary concepts and demands. Methodological and organizational measures are suggested for the solution of corresponding urgent issues.

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F.A. Kireev, V.A. Kuzmin (IPNG RAN)
Regularities of distribution of clay minerals in sedimentary oil-bearing complexes of White Tiger field

The regularities of distribution of clay minerals in the Miocene-Oligocene section of the White Tiger field (Vietnam) are shown. The facies-paleogeographic environment of their sedimentation is considered. The nature and direction of postsedimentary changes with depth are given.

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Drilling of chinks

G.N. Sheshukova
To the decision-making at various levels of design and construction of wells

The need for a science-based permissible deviations from the design parameters for the evaluation of well construction and design decisions based on the modeling of hydrodynamic and technological processes, theory of risk and statistical information about the construction and operation of wells, is shown.

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E.M. Inosaridze, G.G. Ishbaev, G.V. Zagidullina (Surgutneftegaz OAO, Burintekh NPP)
The drilling fluid for boring the wells with significant vertical displacements in cuts, assembled by argillaceous deposits

The optimal types of hydrate formers and hydrate cavities, stabilized and blocked by them, are considered. Results of holing at Rogozhnikovskoye field with use of hydrate forming drilling fluid are given.

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G.S. Oganov, A.E. Saroyan, V.V. Prokhorenko, S.A. Shirin-Zade (Burovaya tekhnika – VNIIBT NPO OAO), V.I. Urmancheev (Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka FGUP)
Curvilinear energy-saving profiles of directionally drilled wells

The algorithm of the optimal profile designing under the condition of minimizing of the energy consumption to overcome the resistance forces in the process of drilling string and casing column movement in the borehole with the specified starting and finishing points is considered. The movement of initially resting point mass under the action of gravity and friction along the previously unknown trajectory, which configuration is determined in the process of solving the problem, is chosen. Mathematical problem in the form of a variational principle of least time of travel is formulated. Examples of the well profile calculation, built on the basis of the proposed theoretical model with the use of field data, are given. Saving rate estimation is carried out.

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The development and exploitation of oil deposits

R.V. Murdygin, D.I. Ganichev (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC), A.G. Mikhailov, A.Yu. Petrov (RN-Purneftegaz LLC), R.A. Valiullin, R.K. Yarullin, V.Ya. Fedotov (GeoTEK NPF, Bashkir State University)
The experience of the geophysical studies on determination of the profile and composition of RN-Purneftegaz LLC horizontal wells stream

The capability of direct control of the running horizontal well operation by geophysical methods under conditions of high production watering and oil yield up to 200 m ³ / day is shown. It is noted, that for research informativity increase, reducing the duration of work and the risk of accidents it is necessary to use special well logging apparatus, providing simultaneous registration of required parameters. The technology of device transportation into the horizontal section on flexible pipes, ensuring the implementation of geophysical studies in the running horizontal wells with remote apparatus in compressor testing regime regardless of whether the buffer pressure presents on the hole mouth is consi dered.

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G.N. Berezhnaya, I.P. Minina, A.G. Ponomarev, B.F. Sazonov (B.F. Sazonov Technology Center)
OAO Samaraneftegaz Ozerkinskoye field horizontal wells operation and waterflooding data

High efficiency of operation of horizontal wells of Ozerkinskoye field central dome СI layer during the entire period of the field development is established. It is noted, that the nature of their waterflooding is similar to the waterflooding of vertical wells, in the oil-water zones they operate more effective than vertical wells.

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Yu.V. Lukyanov (Bashneft-Dobycha OOO), A.A. Suleymanov, T.P. Azarova, V.S. Baydalin (Bashneft-Geoproekt OOO)
Analysis of the effectiveness of the pattern stimulation technology application at the Bashneft OAO fields

A measure of effective use of deposit-gel-forming technologies is developed. The results of the calculation of technical and economic efficiency of these technologies by pattern method are given.

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V.V. Vasiljev (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC)
Study of high gor oil reservoirs development features using test model

Simulation modeling results for development of reservoir with high solution GOR are considered in this work. Resear ches approved that gas cap origin lead to non-uniform recovery of reserves. In presence of free gas filtration characteristics of rock are impaired. Formation pressure should be maintained with high water injection rate from the beginning of reservoir development.

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B.N. Ivanov, E.L. Drevnitskaya (Kazan State Technological University), N.A. Lebedev (NIINeftepromkhim OAO)
The general basis of the main methods of oil recovery stimulation

The results of application of the different methods of oil recovery increase at oil fields of the country are considered. The importance of facial-lithological factor accounting is marked. It is concluded that combination of chemical and wave bed stimulation with the determination of their rational parameters using physical and mathematical modeling is the most promising for the next two decades.

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D.A. Antonenko, B.M. Lukin, A.G. Zagurenko, A.S. Aleschenko, N.V. Chikin (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
Upscaling of reservoir models with a gas cap by using the dual permeability option

The article describes a new approach to upscaling of reservoir models with a gas cap by using the dual permeability model. The proposed technique allows accurate simulation of a gas breakthrough towards producing wells while using coarse-grid models. The algorithm of dual permeability model incorporation is discussed in this paper as well as application for a real field sector model.

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A.N. Beregovoy, M.I. Amerkhanov, Sh.G. Rakhimova, V.S. Zolotukhina (TatNIPIneft)
Application of polysaccharide-based mixtures to increase sweep efficiency in heterogeneous reservoirs

Development of new technologies to increase sweep efficiency in heterogeneous reservoirs implies application of new agents and their mixtures. A number of scenarios are proposed for various reservoir conditions based on the results of simulation of oil displacement with guar gum solutions and gelling agents. At present the technology is being fieldtested in Tatneft assets.

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A.M. Evdokimov (Tatneft OAO), V.A. Taipova, O.M. Karpova (Almetyevneft NGDU), I.M. Bakirov (TatNIPIneft)
Dual completion technologies used by as Tatneft to develop hard-to-recover reserves field promising results

The paper presents dual completion technology used by TATNEFT to develop hard-to-recover reserves of the Romashkinskoye field. Different operational and geological aspects are dis-cussed, challenges and technical solutions are presented, further technological improvements are offered.

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Power savings

S.M. Sokolov, V.A. Gorbatikov, V.P. Frayshteter (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Problems of energy saving in oil production of Western Siberia

The stages of development of the oil industry of the Tyumen region, characterized by specific trends in electricity consumption, are considered. The structure of energy consumption in oil production of the region at present is given.

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Oil and gas serviceexploration

I.G. Melnikov, president, Association of Russian Oil and Gas Field Services Providers (Soyuzneftegazservice)
Innovation breakthrough chance for the Russian oil and gas service

Innovation technologies for idle wells stock reactivation through share participation of the service companies and universities is shown.

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Oil production equipment and technology

T.V. Yuretskaya, Yu.N. Abdrashitova, A.G. Perekupka (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Development and study of the effectiveness of asphaltic-resinous-paraffin deposits inhibitors compositions

The effectiveness of the developed two-and three-component asphaltic-resinous-paraffin deposits inhibitors is investigated on oil samples of a number of fields. A quantitative evaluation of the synergistic effect in the asphaltic-resinousparaffindeposits inhibitors compositions is carried out. The absence of asphaltic-resinous-paraffin deposits inhibitors compositions effect on the aggressiveness of pumped media and on the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors is established.

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The oil-field equipment

M.I. Tregubov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Research high-speed installation ESP АКМ-80 in a thermopressure chamber

Developed high-speed ESP installations AKM-80 were created taking in to consideration modern features of oil-field development.Before industrial introducing the given type of the equipment the gross work on the research of the basic characteristics of ESP installation in laboratory conditions was carried out.

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Transport and petroleum preparation

O.V. Fominykh, S.A. Leontev (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), L.N. Duhnevich (NizhnevartovskNIPIneft OJSC)
Design procedure of losses of hydrocarbons from evaporation in tanks

In article the design procedure of losses of hydrocarbons from evaporation from the tanks, based on an advanced method of calculation of constants of phase balance of hydrocarbons is resulted.

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Pipeline transport

A.Yu. Verushin (Varandey terminal OAO), Sh.I. Rakhmatullin, N.P. Zakharov (Center of Pipeline Transport Hydraulics of RB Academy of Science)
On the calculation of the hydraulic shock at ball valve closing in a time interval greater than the phase duration

It is shown, that the calculation of the hydraulic shock, arising at the ball valve closing during the time interval Тз > 2L/c, must be carried out taking into account the nonlinearity of low of the flow rate decay in front of the valve, for example, using diagrams of Wood and Jones.

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Information technology

A.V. Kudryavtsev, V.I. Kukshev (RN-Inform LLC)
Process model for decision support system and cost management of the oil company

An approach to the formation of information service on the basis of the methodological integrity of the company management task, allowing to solve the problems of operational and capital costs control and create an effective system for decision support, is considered. It is noted, that the developed methodical basis provides a construction of an efficient IT strategy of vertically integrated oil company.

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Ecological and industrial safety

D.M. Filatov, Yu.B. Baranov (VNIIGAZ OOO), S.E. Nikiforov (Moscow State Mining University), E.V. Kiselevskiy (Gazprom OAO)
About one method of classification of oil and gas fields according to conditions of industrial and environmental safety

 The hydrocarbon fields classification method for safeguarding the works, connected with subsoil using, is offered. The method can be applied at the solving questions of monitoring the state of natural and industrial objects and civil engineering in allotment territories, reasoning from the situation, that each hydrocarbon field is unique. Use of a method  is illustrated on a typical example. The further capabilities of updating of the offered approach are planned.

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V.V. Zavyalov, V.A. Koltsov (NizhnevartovskNIPIneft OJSC), O.S. Nam, V.P. Sitnikov (TNK-BP Management OJSC)
On the choice of steel pipes for construction and reconstruction of oil-and-gas gathering systems at Western Siberia fields

It is established, that integrated accident rates of pipes, made from modified steel 20, for the ten-year operation period 2 times lower as compared with accident rates of the conventional pipes. Field test of coils in the bypass line for determination the pipes local corrosion rate are carried out.

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The unknown facts from journal history "OIL INDUSTRY"

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