Destructed guar gel effect on the mechanism of formation of calcite deposits in the high-pressure conduits of Southern Section of the Priobskoye field

Authors: K.V. Strizhnev, R.R. Gumerov, Yu.V. Alekseev, L.R. Sagirova (Gazpromneft NTC LLC), A.G. Suleimanov, I.A. Zuevskiy (Gazpromneft-Khantos LLC)

It is established, that destructed guar gel (polysaccharide) consisting of liquid waste, obtained during hydrofracturing from the industrial wastes landfill of the Southern section of the Priobskoye field, enters the reservoir pressure maintenance system. Based on data on the ion composition of water, entering from various sources at the group pumping station, and the calculations of their stability, it is concluded, that the guar gel prevents the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the bottom water. As a result, despite the high saturation index for calcite in the oil gathering mains and in the equipment of oil treatment unit, the calcite deposits are practically not observed. At the same time in the high-pressure conduits significant carbonate deposits are found, as the stabilizing effect of guar gel is absent here because of his failure in the pumps of group pumping station. 

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