March 2009


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  • НГДУ "Сургутнефть" - 45 лет 
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  • NGDU Surgutneft - 45 years

Oil & Gas Companies

Interview with Chief Engineer-first Deputy General Director of OJSC Surgutneftegaz A.N.Bulanov
Surgutneft - beginning of historical chronicles OJSC Surgutneftegaz

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Company news

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Oil & Gas Industry

A.G. Korzhubaev, I.V. Filimonova, L.V. Eder (Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS), I.A. Sokolova (VNIPIneft OAO)
Strategy of development of an oil-and-gas complex of Siberia

The modern state of an oil-and-gas complex of Siberia is considered in the article. Strategy of development of an oil, gas, oil-and-gas refining and oil-and-gas chemical industry of Russia up to 2035 in view of consequences of world financial crisis is presented. The target indicators of realization of the given strategy are given.

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Geology and geological exploration

N.V. Muzalevskaya, R.T. Shakirova, O.V. Razuvaeva (TatNIPIneft)
Geological structure features and prospect of development of Romashkinskoye oilfield Givetian deposits

The oil pool pattern of ardatovsky and vorobyovsky horizons of Givetian stage in limits of Romashkinskoye oilfield is given. Commercial oil content in reservoir beds of vorobyovsky, ardatovsky and mullinsky horizons is established. Their lithologic stratigraphic characteristic is considered. The actions, allowing to optimize the development of pools in terrigenous deposits of Givetian stage, are offered.

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E.V. Novomlinova (TomskNIPIneft VNK OAO)
Features of the geological structure and prospects oil-and-gas content cretaceous sediments of Tomsk region by example of Danenbergovskoye oilfield

The basic features of the geological structure are resulted for example of one of again open oil fields in territory of Tomsk region is carried out. The detailed analysis of available materials allows to assert, that prospects oil-and-gas content Neocomian sediments of Tomsk area are high enough.

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V.E. Korablinov, V.V. Strelchenko (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas), T.X. Nhuan (Vjetsovpetro JV)
The efficiency of geological-petrophysical study on the vuggy fractured reservoirs of the crystalline basement oil fields and evaluation of parameters for reserves calculation

Log analysis shows that log responses are practically influenced by various distortions conditions. Evaluation of porosity by log data is complicated due to difficulties in rock identification, its polymineral composition, resulting anomalies in logging  curves. It is noted that identification of dyke intervals, alterated rocks and zones with abnormally high voids is only possible when all geological and log data are available and used in complex. Possibility of using the method of balanced porosity based on corrected data of acoustic, neutron-neutron, density and SGR logs for further application of volumetric method is examined. Possibility of SP curve using for identification massive vuggy-fractured, altered reservoirs on the basement is shown

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The drilling of wells

Experience of cementing of gas wells with extremely high reservoir pressure

The technology of cementing of gas wells with abnormally high reservoir pressure at Pribrezhnaya group of fields of Krasnodar Territory, which are one of the most complex with respect to geological conditions, is considered. The basic requirements for cementing process are presented. Operation results over five wells are given.

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The development and exploitation of oil deposits

Sh.F. Takhautdinov, A.F. Slivchenko, R.S. Khisamov, I.G. Yusupov, M.Sh. Zalyatov (Tatneft OAO)
Dependence of the oil recovery on the well grid density

The theoretical researches, which have confirmed dependence of the oil recovery from the well grid density, are carried out. The received results allow to forecast the expected oil recovery depending on the well grid density, the production of average well and an oil output time.

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N.V. Nefyodov (TatRITEKneft NGDU RITEK JSC), A.V. Kalmykov (NPP Chorny Klyutch), A.G. Egorov, A.B. Mazo (Kazan State University)
About anomaly pressure stand-up-curves in case of complexly formatted reservoirs of high viscosity oil by the example of TatRITEKneft NGDU’s oil fields

The subject is the pressure stand-up-curves form evolution during the recovery of high viscosity oil field. Some new – nonclassic – hydrodynamical scheme of geological object to explain anomaly forms of curves is put on discussion. The data gives some basis on new approach to estimate pressure stand-up-curves signification.

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A.F. Kovalev, G.D. Likhovol, R.A. Shakirov (STF PerfoTech ZAO), N.E. Uljanov (Surgutneftegaz OAO)
Complex technology of perforation with bottomhole formation zone treatment and hydrodynamic support

The complex works technology, combining in one cycle the pipes perforation, bottomhole formation zone treatment and thermohydrodynamic researches for an estimation of efficiency of the carried out treatment is offered. It is marked, that the technology is successfully tested in the field conditions. Results of works in two wells are given.

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Yu.V. Lukjanov, A.V. Shuvalov, R.G. Nasretdinov, V.R. Zakiev (Bashneft ANK OAO), M.R. Salikhov, A.A. Sulejmanov (Bashneft-Geoproyekt OOO)
Results of introduction of the WAG technology at Ilishevskoye field

The geological-physical characteristic of Ilishevskoye field site, at which the pilot tests of technology of water-gas influence on productive strata were carried out, is given. The current state of development of a test site is analysed. The results of application of the WAG technology are given.

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А.А. Kazakov (Center of computer oil technologies OOO)
Planning of geological-technical actions

The problem of the insufficient analysis of results of carrying out of geological-technical actions is considered. It is
marked, that efficiency of such actions is regularly overestimated owing to an incorrectness of approaches to an effect estimation  Advantages of information-diagnostic system BDWell at the organization of system of the analysis and the account of carrying out of geological-technical actions are shown

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I.A. Aganin, A.I. Nikiforov (Institute of Mechanics & Engineering of Kazan Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences)
Effect of clay swelling hysteresis on oil recovery factor

Two-phase filtration in clay-containing oil reservoir is modeled in this work. Influence of clay swelling hysteresis on the oil recovery factor in layered reservoir is analyzed on numerical examples.

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A.P. Tokarev, E.M. Pjankova (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University)
Perfection of level recovery curves interpretation methods at wells survey

The problems, connected with wells survey by the level recovery curve method are considered. It is shown, that applied methods of level recovery curves processing by the indicator curve scheme are improper. The technique of level reco - very curves processing on the basis of reference curves is offered. The new variant of reference curves empirical chart with wider range of changing  parameters of a well, a layer and a skin-effect is presented

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R.I. Medvedskiy, A.A. Izotov (Tyumen State Oil-and-Gas University)
The possible reasons of contour waterflooding degradation

Some results of supervision for development of the oilfields, operated with application of contour waterflooding, are given. It is drawn a conclusion, that the technogenic cracks, arising at waterflooding, are the reasons of its degradation

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V.I. Kolganov (Giprovostokneft OAO)
About the effective pore space concept

Discussion about application of the effective pore space concept instead of traditionally used absolute pore space concept is continued. On the basis of the analysis before carried-out domestic and foreign  investigations, and also own analysis of the actuals the author gives his vision of the effective pore space concept.

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A.R. Garushev (Rosneft NK–NTC LLC)
About a role of high-viscosity oils and bitumens as a source of hydrocarbons in the future

A number of negative factors, which should be considered for stable development of oil branch, is noted. Importance of a role of nonconventional oils (high-viscosity ones and bitumens) for satisfaction of world need for oil in the future is

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