The study of petrophysical parameters using seismic lines to identify non-anticline traps in the Qala-Turkan area (Azerbaijan)

UDK: 550.834.017
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-80-83
Key words: lithological trap, stratigraphic trap, tectonically screened trap, non-anticline trap, seismic data, petrophysics
Authors: M.A. Huseynova (Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute, SOCAR, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku)

The article discusses the features of the petrophysical properties of the productive strata in the deposits of the Qala suite of the Qala-Turkan area. The identified productive horizons were analyzed. The distribution of petrophysical parameters in the area has been studied. As a result of studies carried out by the common depth point (CDP) method, the relationship of promising areas with non-anticline traps was revealed using seismic data. Diagnostic criteria for identifying these traps have been established, the variability of petrophysical features (porosity, net-to-gross, clay content carbonate content, permeability) has been analyzed, and the presence of residual oil and gas reserves has been assessed. The results of the analysis of the area distribution of predicted values of petrophysical parameters (porosity, net-to-gross, permeability, clay content and carbonate content) showed that sand layers are gradually replaced by clay layers in the direction from northwest to southeast. The formation of traps is associated with the southeastern marginal part of the sedimentation basin. Based on the results of comparison of well data, it was established that lithological wedging occurs on the wings and in the periclinal parts of the developing consedimentary uplift. It has been established that non-anticline traps of the lithological type, accompanied by a sharp variability in the lithological composition of the deposits, are irregularly distributed over the area. The overlap of individual reservoirs with impermeable deposits in the zone of location of tectonic blocks in the depth interval of 3000–3700 m was revealed. Local uplifts were identified here, eroded in arched parts and overlain by impermeable rocks (with angular unconformities). They are non-anticline lithologically shielded nest-like traps complicated by tectonic faults. The observed sharp change in petrophysical parameters indicates that the traps are confined to reservoir rocks.


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