Digitalization of hydraulic fracturing processes

UDK: 681.518:622.276.66
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-47-52
Key words: hydraulic fracturing, digitalization, automation, management of hydraulic fracturing processes, hydraulic fracturing simulator, IT-solution, in-field implementation
Authors: Yu.A. Pityuk (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), I.Sh. Zakiryanov (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), N.A. Makhota (RN-BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa), A.N. Serdyuk (RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC RF, Nefteyugansk), I.R. Safin (RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC RF, Nefteyugansk), D.A. Kravec (RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC RF, Nefteyugansk), A.V. Pestrikov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), S.N. Matveev (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), A.G. Klimentiev (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow)

More than 15,000 hydraulic fracturing operations are performed annually at the fields of Rosneft Oil Company. The process of planning, preparing and conducting hydraulic fracturing is technically and organizationally complex, affecting many production services of subsidiaries of Rosneft Oil Company, hydraulic fracturing service companies and research and design institute of Rosneft Oil Company. To digitalize the process of preparing and conducting hydraulic fracturing, a prototype of the “Support for hydraulic fracturing processes” module was developed as part of the corporate information system

RN-KIN, which is also a plug-in for the corporate hydraulic fracturing simulator RN-GRID. The proposed IT-solution provides role-based access for users according to the functions performed, sequential movement and execution of an application for hydraulic fracturing, preparation of recommendations for hydraulic fracturing, automatic collection of initial data from corporate databases, synchronization with the RN-GRID, generation of relevant design reports , redesign, actual hydraulic fracturing and their approval, monitoring the implementation of the stages of hydraulic fracturing, automatic formation of a list of hydraulic fracturing operations, hydraulic fracturing data analytics. To quickly respond to events about key changes in the system and effective communication between process participants, a notification system and a chat have been developed. Conventionally, the structure of the application can be divided into an automatic workplace of the customer and the hydraulic fracturing contractors. The customer is responsible for providing initial data, preparing recommendations, agreeing on designs, redesigns, and hydraulic fracturing reports, while the service company is responsible for hydraulic fracturing job and preparing relevant reports. The proposed digital solution allows optimizing the interaction between the customer and contractors, increasing the structure of hydraulic fracturing information, including initial data for hydraulic fracturing design, designs, redesigns, actual data and hydraulic fracturing reports. Currently, the digital solution is being tested on the basis of RN-Yuganskneftegas (a key subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company), which performs about 30% of all hydraulic fracturing operations in the Company.


1. Akhtyamov A.A., Makeev G.A., Baydyukov K.N. et al., Corporate fracturing simulator RN-GRID: from software development to in-field implementation (In Russ.), Neftyanoe khozyaystvo = Oil Industry, 2018, no. 5, pp. 94–97, DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-5-94-97

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