Design and prospects for the use of inflow control devices at the Tagulskoye oil-gas-condensate field

UDK: 622.276.5.05
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2022-11-37-41
Key words: continental deposits, contact reserves, gas caps, oil-water zone, hard-to-recover oil reserves, horizontal wells, wellbore segmentation, multilateral wells, fishbone, autonomous inflow control device, inflow profile alignment
Authors: A.A. Zernin (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), R.A. Molokov (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), K.V. Zharkova (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), Yu.A. Plitkina (Tyumen Petroleum Research Center LLC, RF, Tyumen), I.F. Sharipov (Rosneft Oil Company, RF, Moscow), I.I. Deryugin (RN-Vankor LLC, RF, Krasnoyarsk), R.R. Nigmatullin (RN-Vankor LLC, RF, Krasnoyarsk), V.V. Klassen (RN-Vankor LLC, RF, Krasnoyarsk)

The article presents the Rosneft’s experience in designing autonomous inflow control devices and the prospect of this equipment using at the oil-gas-condensate field. Most of the reservoirs of the Tagulskoye field belong to continental deposits, which are characterized by a strong variability and the presence of unpredictable replacement zones. At the same time, different fluid contacts can be distinguished in the reservoirs of one formation due to the lenticular structure. The main difficulties during the Tagulskoye field development are related to undesirable fluids inflow into production wells; a decrease in reservoir pressure due to a shift in the input of reservoir pressure maintenance system; technological problems in isolation of gas- and water-saturated intervals. In connection with the above reasons, the Tagulskoye field is developing using such technologies as drilling multilateral wells according to the fishbone design, inflow control devices (ICD) and well operation at minimum drawdowns. The process of choosing passive or autonomous ICD is considered. Bench testing and the process of selecting candidates for using the ICD are described. The expected results when using ICD are given. Technical and economic assessment and the planned effect from the introduction of this technology are discussed. When the effectiveness of this technology is confirmed, the use of autonomous ICD in the project fund will increase the production of seams in the zone of contact reserves. Based on the results of the trial operation, a decision will be made to replicate the use of autonomous inflow control devices within the perimeter of Rosneft Oil Company.


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