Seismological criteria of geometrization of productive zone of the pre-Jurassic complex on the example of the north-eastern part of Krasnolininski Arch of Western Siberia

UDK: 551.2(553.98)
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2019-7-68-72
Key words: oil and gas deposits, pre-Jurassic complex, seismic attributes, Paleozoic, productive areas, 3D seismic prospecting, fault, fracture
Authors: S.R. Bembel (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft, Surgutneftegas PJSC, Tyumen)

The article is devoted to the development of seismic-geological criteria for predicting oil deposits associated with fractured formations of the pre-Jurassic complex of the north-eastern part of the Krasnoleninsky arch of Western Siberia, represented by Paleozoic formations and the weathering crust. On the basis of complex interpretation of seismic materials, geophysical well surveys and analytical studies using seismic facies, dynamic wave field, seismic and geological criteria for identifying zones of fractured reservoirs and searching for oil and gas prospective objects were considered. A comprehensive approach to the interpretation of seismic materials, deep drilling data, well logging and core analysis materials allows to solve subtle problems of forecasting the geological section and map complex oil and gas prospective objects. The identified oil deposits in the pre-Jurassic complex are confined to local protrusions of the basement with deep faults that control localized flows of hydrocarbon fluids. The decisive factor determining the localization of hydrocarbons in low-permeable strata is the secondary formation of their reservoirs of fracture, cavern, and mixed types. In addition to forecasting the planned position of local elevation dimensions, with which most of the identified promising areas are associated, the possibility of using 3D seismic survey materials for forecasting productive intervals in a geological section is shown. The analysis of testing and the dynamics of the drilled well stock in the studied area confirms the identified pattern of matching productive intervals of wells of the Paleozoic object with traceable anomalies in the vertical sections of the cube of seismic attributes based on 3D seismic materials.

As part of the monitoring of the geo-model of the Paleozoic object, differentiation of the brightest anomalies of the fall of amplitudes in the upper part of the Paleozoic formations was carried out within extensive disintegration zones, which made it possible to draw up a detailed pattern with a local pattern of propagation of areas of increased fracturing according to which it was proposed to take into account structural prediction of promising areas factor and results of well testing.


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