Technology of installation of a gravel filter in directional and horizontal wells

Authors: E.G. Stryukov (Сhernomorneftegas SSC, Crimea, Chernomorskoye)

Key words: horizontal well, inclined directed well, unstable collector of oil and gas, gravel filter.

Extraction of hydrocarbons from productive stratums consisting of fragile low cement rocks accompanied by the release of reservoir rock particles in the well, which leads to the formation of sand plugs on а borehole bottom or on tubing string. Installation of gravel filter in the well is one of the solutions of this problem. With the view to optimize constructions of gravel filter elements, simulation of fluid gravel mixture during the installation of gravel filter in horizontal well was realized. The practical need of hydrodynamics study for circular channels leads to numerical calculation of а set of basic models with varying degrees of simplification. This work presents basic regulations and design data.

1. Patent no. 97518A Ukraїna, MPK S2 E21V 43/08, Sposіb sporudzhennya
gravіynogo fіl'tra u sverdlovinі ta vіdnovlennya yogo fіl'tratsіynikh kharakteristik u
protsesі ekspluatatsії sverdlovini (The method of construction gravel filter in the
well and restore its filtration characteristics in the operation of wells), Inventors:
Stryukov Є.G., Yaremіychuk R.S., Nіkolenko І.V., Bacherіkov O.V. et al.
2. Stryukov E.G., Luk'yanenko V.A., Dinamicheskie sistemy, 2011, V. 1 (29), no. 1, pp. 169–190.
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