On efficiency of prospecting on Tatneft OAO leases in Samara region

Authors: R.S. Khisamov (Tatneft OAO, RF, Almetyevsk), V.G. Bazarevskaya, M.A. Shavaliev, I.I. Valeev (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)

Key words: resources,reserves, wells, prospecting, reserves increase, deposit, efficiency, integrated G&G analysis.

The paper considers the issues and the efficiency of the geological exploration carried out by Tatneft OAO on the Company’s leases in Samara region. An integrated science-based approach to selection of prospecting priorities to solve the objective of oil reserves increase enhances the efficiency of exploratory drilling, which results in considerable incremental C1 and C2 reserves and C3 resources. 

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