The study of formation anisotropy on azimuthally oriented core samples of Perm Region

Authors: Cherepanov S.S., (LLC LUKOIL-PERM), Gurbatova I.P., Plotnikov V.V., Popov N.A., Sysoev I.V. (PermNIPIneft Branch of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC in Perm, RF, Perm)

The article presents features of a laboratory study of gas permeability of complex structures reservoir on azimuthally oriented full core samples. The presented method of the lateral anisotropy studying allows to characterize the pore system symmetry quickly and fully and identify the maximum filtration direction. Potential of use of data on anisotropy of filtrational properties of layer is analyzed with the help of hydrodynamic modeling. Prospects of development of researches of azimuthally oriented core are considered.

Key words: complex structures reservoir, azimuthally oriented core, permeability anisotropy.

1. Gurbatova I.P., Mikhaylov N.N., Proceedings of VIII All-Russian Scientific and
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2. Metodicheskie rekomendatsii po issledovaniyu porod-kollektorov nefti i
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