Supervision of development of the reservoirs of complex construction in South-Khylchuyusky field by means of pair interference method

Authors: V.S. Levchenko, N.V. Valiullina, K.G. Kagan (LUKOIL-Engineering Limited VolgogradNIPImorneft Branch Office in Volgograd)

The article addresses the issue of the well flow tests at non-stationary filtration regimes and summary of the results of wells monitoring by means of pair interference method using thermo-pressure system gauges during well survey of South-Khylchuyusky oil field.

Key words: well flow tests, pair interference method, thermo-pressure system gauge, porosity and permeability properties, background curve, reactive curve.

1. Shagiev R.G., Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy “Neft' i gaz”,
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2. Buzinov S.N., Umrikhin I.D., Issledovanie neftyanykh i gazovykh
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