Diagnostics and optimization of multilayer wells exploitation on the example of Sudanese G field development

Authors: V.L. Terentyev, A.G. Kolyagin, O.L. Karshakova, S.S. Gusev (STC OILTEAM, RF, Sochi), K.M. Fedorov (Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering, RF, Sochi)
Key words: multi reservoir field, well production cross flow, methods of well cross flow diagnostics, calculation of well bore flows and algorithm of production optimization.
Economic reasons often dictate the application of unit wells net system for development of different reservoirs of an oil field. In this case solution of economic objectives is accompanied by development problems of non-uniform reservoirs depression and water breakthrough through high permeable streaks. Analysis and simulation of multi reservoir field G (Sudan) development, conducted by “OILTEAM” company in the framework of Field Development Project (FDP), reveals the through a well production cross flow as one of the main problems. The experience of well flow optimization by possible techniques is presented in the paper. Different method of well cross flow diagnostics, techniques and technologies of cross flow control and optimization algorithm of cross flow management are considered.


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