Study of effectiveness of high-temperature heat-transfer medium for production of heavy oil and natural bitumen

Authors: R.R. Ibatullin, V.V. Kuneevsky, V.B. Osnos, A.T. Zaripov, R.Sh. Absalyamov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)
Key words: production of heavy oil and natural bitumen, high-temperature heat-transfer medium usage, optimum production parameters, high oil recovery factor, low water-cut, formation damage minimizing pressure.

The paper describes a novel thermal recovery method for production of heavy oil and natural bitumen using high-temperature heat-transfer medium allowing for natural oil convection in the reservoir as a result of heating thereof up to 300-400В°C through a heat exchanger installed in a horizontal borehole, which is also used for production of formation fluids at bottom-hole pressure that is close to original reservoir pressure. Analyses of energy consumption vs. original water saturation and extent of production vs. bottom-hole temperature have been performed.

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