Сomplex investigations of heavy oil of Akanskoye deposits

Authors: R.A. Kemalov, A.F. Kemalov (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, RF, Kazan)

Key words: oil, analysis, physical and chemical characteristics, the true temperature dependence of the distillation of crude oil, vacuum distillation of fuel oil, the process of delayed coking.

Comprehensive studies of high-viscosity oils of Verey and Bashkirs-ray sediments of Akanskoye deposit are conducted in order to determine the basic physical and chemical characteristics. The separation of asphalt-free components is made by chromatography. Their content in the oil is defined. The Individual hydrocarbon composition of n-alkanes and izoprenanov is studied by gas-liquid chromatography. Geochemical factors are calculated. Such important parameters as molecular weight, specific heat and the heat of combustion components are determined. The dependences of the specific heat and thermal conductivity on temperature and pressure are presented.


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