Efficiency of electric submersible pumps at extraction of the gas-liquid blends from wells

Authors: A.V. Lekomtsev, V.A. Mordvinov, V.V. Poplygin, I.N. Ponomareva (Perm National Research Polytechnic University, RF, Perm)

Key words: producing well, efficiency factor, electrical submersible pump.

The paper presents the results of field research of wells equipped with submersible centrifugal pumps. The influence of free gas on the efficiency of pumping systems is evaluated on the example of the production wells of the Sibirskoye, Unvinskoye and Shershnevskoye fields (Perm region). The article notes that the increase of the input gas content results in a significant reduction in the efficiency of the pump, worsening its efficiency. The given waveforms relative reflect the characteristics of the pumps work at the gas-liquid mixtures in well conditions and confirm the main results of known laboratory research.


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