The measures of heat exchange variation on the earth surface and their influence on the temperature distribution in the soil

Authors: V.G. Kondratiev (TransEGEM OOO, RF, Moscow), A.G. Perekupka, S.S. Primakov, A.S. Petrova, (Giprotyumenneftegaz (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO, HMS Group, RF,Tyumen)

Key words: temperature, heat exchange, temperature regime, permafrost soil, measures of permafrost protection, solar radiation, effective-terrestrial radiation, snow mantle, snow clearing, calculation.

The heat exchange between the atmosphere and the earth surface has a significant effect on the temperature distribution in the soil. The conditions variation on the ground surface leads to change of thermal regime and permafrost soil thickness. The calculations taking into account the key factors of the temperature regime forming allows to predict the temperature distribution in the soil. Thereby it is getting possible to correctly regulate the thermal-physic situation in the soil by the measures of heat exchange variation on the earth surface.


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