Improving the full-scale hydrodynamic model formation AV1-5 Samotlorskoye field

Authors: N.A. Cheremisin, I.A. Rzaev, E.V. Borovkov, D.V. Tolstolytkin, A.A. Chusovitin (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Key words: simulation model, relict oil saturation, residual oil saturation, phase permeability, gas cap,adaptation,residual gas saturation.

Experience of digital simulation models showed that a simple increase of the spatial detail is not the key to an adequate description of field development. A more productive way is to define sufficient spatial detail and increased physical meaningfulness of hydrodynamic models. This article shows how to implement this ideology as an example Samotlorskoye field, one of the largest in Western Siberia.


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