Use of biological activity index for determination of the oil polluted area meant for remediation

Authors: S. Yu. Selivanovskaya, I.N. Kuritsyn, L.G. Akhmetzyanova, P.Yu. Galitskaya (Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, RF, Kazan), D.A. Solovjev (Federal Center of Analysis and Assessment of Technological Imact, Branch in the Republic of Tatarstan, RF, Kazan)

Key words: remediation, oil pollution, biological activity.

Determination of the total petroleum hydrocarbons content and the integrated microbial indexes of soil was carried out on the territory of oil spill divided on the 27 plots. It was revealed that the area subjected to recultivation determined on the base of chemical data should be extended about two times taking into consideration the biological data. The law biological indexes of the soil require the application of the remediation activities led to the stimulation of indigenous microorganisms for enhancement of hydrocarbons degradation.


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