Technology for computerized selection of reservoir management technologies by using permanently updated model

Authors: A.V. Nasybullin, F.M. Latufullin, O.G. Antonov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), N.F. Gumarov, B.G. Ganiev (Oil and Gas Production Department Almetyevneft, RF, Almetyevneft)

The paper presents results of TatNIPIneft efforts to work out a technology involving computerization of reservoir engineering process stages, particularly, selection of project wells’ location or sidetracking from existing vertical wells. The technology is realized through the permanently updated model based on ROXAR products and in-house LAZURIT reservoir engineering and reservoir management software package. The purpose of the work was to justify and assess the efficiency of sidetracking.

Key words: permanently updated model, LAZURIT, prediction calculation, options for field development, automation equipment, EnABLE.


1. Abdulmazitov R.G., Latifullin F.M., Fazlyev R.T., Antonov O.G., Sb. dokladov nauchno-tekhnicheskoy konferentsii, posvyashchennoy 50-letiyu TatNIPIneft' OAO “Tatneft'” (Summary reports of the scientific and technical conference devoted to 50th anniversary of TatNIPIneft "Tatneft"), Moscow: Neftyanoe khozyaystvo, 2006, pp. 215-216.

2. Fazlyev R.T., Latifullin F.M., Antonov O.G., Aktual'nye problemy geologii i razrabotki neftyanykh mestorozhdeniy Tatarstana (Urgent problems of geology and development of oil fields of Tatarstan), Trudy TatNIPIneft', 2006, pp. 185-188.

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