Particularities of the fractality of hydrocarbons reservoirs and the problem of mapping

Authors: S.R. Bembel (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft, RF, Tyumen)

Fractal pulsing model of geological and geophysical fields of hydrocarbon fields makes fundamental changes in the technology of their exploration, prospecting and development. The main reason for the fractal nature of the oil and gas facilities and the geological environment in general is a pulse-vortex nature of the processes of geodynamics, which is manifested in geophysical fields. Effective search and exploration of fractal reservoirs that are filled with hydrocarbons in pulsed mode is possible with high-resolution space-time geophysical methods.

Key words: fluid dynamics, hydrocarbons, fractal, seismic 3D, geological structure, model, the zone of destruction, geodynamic activity, oil and gas fields.


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