Lithology and facies heterogeneity and its correlation with porosity of carbonate reservoirs on Roman Trebs oil field

Authors: A.I. Fedorov (Bashneft-Polus LLC, RF, Ufa), A.S. Dushin, M.V. Rykus (BashNIPIneft LLC, RF, Ufa)

The paper presents a case study of facies and lithology heterogeneity and its correlation with the porosity of the Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian carbonate reservoirs on Roman Trebs oil field. The described carbonate ramp facies model shows a good correlation with the observed changes in the porosity values for the studied reservoirs. The results obtained prove the effectiveness and forecasting accuracy of the lithology and facies core analysis technique for evaluating the reservoir quality of carbonate sediments.

Key words: Roman Trebs oil field, carbonate deposits, ramp model of sedimentation, facies types of deposits, porosity.


1. Kaufman J., Jameson J., Sequence stratigraphy, facies, and reservoir quality of lower Devonian carbonates in Roman Trebs field, Timan-Pechora basin, C.I.S, SEPM Spetial publication, 2002, no. 74, pp. 43-68.

2. Zhemchugova V.A. Aktual'nye nauchno-tekhnicheskie problemy razvitiya geologo-geofizicheskikh, poiskovo-razvedochnykh i promyslovykh rabot v Respublike Komi (Current scientific and technical problems of geological and geophysical, exploration and field work in the Komi Republic), V. 2: Prirodnye rezervuary v karbonatnykh formatsiyakh Pechorskogo neftegazonosnogo basseyna (The natural reservoirs in carbonate formations of the Pechora oil and gas basin), Moscow: Moskovskiy gos. gornyy universitet Publ., 2002, 243 p.

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