Modeling of petroleum systems of South Kara Basin: principles and results

Authors: S.V. Malysheva, V.E. Vasilyev, N.N. Kosenkova, V.E. Verzhbitskiy, V.V. Ananyev, D.K. Komissarov, R.R. Murzin (Gazpromneft NTC LLC), Yu.V. Roslov (Seismoshelf LLC)
Basin modeling for South Kara Basin was performed with use of Temis Suite 2008 software in 3D format to determine timing and scale of hydrocarbon generation and to predict the most favorable migration paths and hydrocarbon accumulation areas. Sedimentation modeling in Dionisos software was performed prior to the HC system modeling. That enabled to forecast the most probable distribution of lithofacies, including source rocks, reservoirs and seals at qualitatively new level. The key role of Jurassic source rocks in hydrocarbon fields formed in South Kara Basin is discussed in the study. The main practical result of the study is a resource estimate and phase forecast. As it is shown in the study, new large HC discoveries with sufficient liquid component are likely to be made in South Kara Basin.

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