Typification of the terrigenous reservoirs of Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye field Upper Jurassic horizon and features of the anisotropy of their filtration-capacitive properties

Authors: L.N. Bruzhes, V.L. Bruzhes (KogalymNIPIneft OOO), K.G. Skachek (Kogalymneftegaz TPP LUKOIL-Western Siberia LLC), V.G. Izotov (Kazan State University)
On the basis of a detailed sedimentological analysis of the Upper Jurassic horizon Yu1 of Sredneobskaya group of fields their facial, macro- and microheterogeneity is revealed, that determines their complicated structure. The typification of productive silty sand deposits of horizon was carried out. It was noted that information about the anisotropy of the reservoir allows to substantiate the application of bed stimulation methods. The problems of the anisotropy of the investigated sediments are considered.

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