Ensuring trouble-free construction of horizontal offshoots in the intervals of occurrence of unstable rocks

Authors: D.L. Bakirov, P.P. Podkuyko, E.V. Babushkin, M.M. Fattakhov (KogalymNIPIneft OOO)
Considered are the problem of drilling productive strata unstable clay-argillic overlays at large zenith angles with horizontal offshoots and ways of its solution: weighting of the mud, changing the design of wells, the use of inhibited drilling fluids. It is determined that increase in the density of drilling fluid reduces the productivity of wells. The use of a modified design of the offshoot provides stability and qualitative opening of the productive objects with low reservoir pressures. The drilling mud composition, having high inhibiting properties and coefficient of permeability recovery, is proposed. Three offshoots had been drilled with its use without any accident and in a short period.

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