Hydromechanical slot perforation - an effective way of shallow productive strata opening

Authors: I.M. Salikhov, R.R. Akhmadullin, R.F. Ablyamitov (Nurlatneft NGDU Tatneft OAO)
Hydromechanical slatted perforation has a variety of technical advantages over the traditional methods of simulated completion. The execution of tailing-in during well-workover operation using hydrodynamic slatted perforation allows to complete the well, after shutting-down of watered strata and in commingling of oil-filled formation under slight shale breaks and slight cement zone behind the column, and obtain dry crude oil by means of reducing the dynamic loading on the cement stone behind the column. At the same time, the degree of perfection with respect to the well completion method increases, what influences the increase of formation flow rate. Effectiveness of the aforementioned method is confirmed by the results of its use on the oil fields of Oil/Gas production department of «Nurlatneft».

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