The investigation of emulsification and corrosion processes when selecting the inhibitors

Authors: A.I. Shipilov, E.V. Krutikhin, E.V. Golubtsova, Yu.V. Ivshin (POLYEX JSC)
Influence of hydrochloric acid corrosion inhibitors on stability of acid-oil emulsion and speed of corrosion attack, including at the heightened temperature is investigated. It is established, that the nature of inhibitor, used for protection of the metal equipment against acid corrosion, significantly influences on stability of acid-oil emulsion formed at the contact of acid and oil. Inhibitor «Soling», specially developed for oil and gas industry, efficiently protects the metal equipment from acid corrosion, including at high temperatures, reduces interfacial tension on the boundary acid – oil, and destroys acid-oil emulsion.

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