Tax incentives for the oil recovery stabilization and budget effectiveness of tax differentiation on the mining operations on Romashkinskoye oil field

Authors: R.S. Khisamov (Tatneft OAO)
Given are the data, reflecting the efficiency of the system of Tax Incentives for oil recovery, introduced in the Republic of Tatarstan in 1995 in three lines: continuation of marginal and high flooded well stock operation; putting into operation of new wells, introduction of methods of enhanced reservoir recovery - and envisaging the reduction in excise tax, fee for recovered minerals, exemption of payments to the mineral resources reproduction fund. Shown is the efficiency of the introduction in 2006 of the differentiated tax on the mining operations on Romashkinskoye field, which allowed during 2007-2009 to get 3.556 rubles of additional taxes and fees on 1 ruble of allowances.

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