April 2010

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компании СИАМ  20 лет

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SIAM-company - 20 years 

SIAM company - 20 years

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G.P. Nalimov, P.O. Gaus (SIAM Company)
Siam Company drillhole survey equipment

Considered is the main production of TNPVO SIAM manufacturing is: level gages, dynamgraphs, mobile complexes for operational drillhole survey. Their advantages in comparison with analogues of other firms are shown.

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A.N. Krivoguz, K.B. Korolev, A.S. Polivakho, A.G. Kolyagin, K.V. Perovskiy (SIAM Company)
SIAM Company comprehensive approach to improving the reliability of the results of wells hydrodynamic investigations

Four lines of works, performed by SIAM Company in the field of hydrodynamic investigations of wells are considered. A scheme of the information flows of these investigations is given. The importance of use of the complex of traditional and special studies is noted.

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A.I. Tyunkin (Novosibirskneftegaz OJSC), T.M. Mukhametzyanov, A.G. Kolyagin, P.T. Im (SIAM-Engineering LLC)
An integrated approach to the program of geological and technical measures at the Verkh-Tarskoye field

A comprehensive approach to planning a program of geological and technical measures, based on an analysis of the maximum possible information content, including data of hydrodynamic, field-geophysical studies, the history of work and a retrospective study of efficacy of the given measures application. At that the main attention is given to the well logging data analysis.

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T.M. Mukhametzyanov, A.G. Kolyagin, D.A. Segida, K.M. Fedorov (SIAM Company, SIAM-Engineering OOO)
Implementing a comprehensive program of acid treatments of the oil producing wells of one of the fields in Western Siberia

  • The experience of work on the acid treatment of bottomhole zone is considered. The advantages of an integrated approach to the implementation of these works are presented. The example of the realization of the proposed approach is given. Method of analyzing the effectiveness of the treated well operation is shown.

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    Oil and gas companies

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    Oil and gas industry

    N.M. Baykov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russia Academy of Sciences)
    About Energy strategy of Russia up to 2030

    The shortcomings of the Energy Strategy of Russia up to 2030 are considered. The causes of unattainability of problems put by this document are given. Ways to improve the existing situation in the fuel-energy complex of Russia are offered.

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    Geology and geological exploration

    S.R. Bembel (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
    On the issue of spatial properties of destruction subvertical zones and the structure of hydrocarbons deposits distribution

    The properties of destruction zones as well as their occurrence in the time cross-sections are reviewed on the example of some areas. A model is suggested for formation of geological section productive intervals accounting for the influence
    of the active geodynamic action, its effect on the distribution of oil and gas deposits.

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    I.A. Zyryanova (TNK-BP Management)
    The abalak suite correlation based on geological and geophysical data

    The article describes the features of the geological structure of abalak suite of Krasnoleninskoe and Galyanovskoe oil
    fields. The techniques of complicated hydrocarbon deposits mapping on the basis of geological and geophysical
    data have been shown. As a result of the detailed correlation of the deposits, stable geophysical features of abalak
    formation boundaries delineation and separation of the inside part of abalak deposit into four sedimentation cycles
    have been established. The features of siliceous-carbonate layers deposition that are potential hydrocarbon reservoirs
    have been substantiated.

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    N.P. Zapivalov (Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SO RAN)
    Metasomatic dolomitization and oil-and-gas content of carbonate rocks

    It is shown, that the natural metasomatic nanoprocesses promote the formation of high-yield reservoirs, especially in
    carbonate rocks of the Phanerozoic. It is proposed to initiate the accelerated technogeneous process of metasoma -
    tic dolomitization and create high-yield centers in the fields. As a result the voids specific surface will be increased,
    many processes in the reservoir system will be activated: the fracturing formation, fluid mass flow from the block matrix
    to the fissures and even the formation of new hydrocarbon masses. Percolation processes will be greatly intensified,
    wells deliverability and oil recovery will be increased. Successful exploitation of the proposed nanotechnology can
    have a significant influence on the time of field development and final oil recovery ratio.

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    V.V. Rostovtsev (TOMKO JSC)
    Prospects for oil and gas south-east of Western Siberia

    This article devoted to assessing the hydrocarbon potential of the southeastern West Siberian plate, which is widely regarded as unpromising. Studies using innovative technologies clearly show that within a given territory probability of discovering large deposits of oil and gas is very high. The conclusion about the need to begin systematic large-scale prospecting for oil and gas in the area was made.

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    L.V. Paskova, A.O. Gordeev, T.P. Kurash, A.I. Omilichuk, E.V. Bekhter, S.V. Busel (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC)
    Geologic features of JV1 evolving in the east of Bakhilov field

    Article is dedicated to geologic architecture features of reservoirs № 4 and № 5 located in the east of Bakhilov field, and to special nature of developing the above accumulations. The authors made integrated analysis of seismic materials, field log and core data, described depositional environments, identified facies elements. Conclusions were drawn on paleogeographic features affecting field development process. It was suggested that selective approach to desig ning separate reservoir blocks development system was needed.

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    Drilling of chinks

    L.I. Ryabova (Bureniye NPO OAO)
    Structure-forming agents for cementing slurries

    The disadvantages of ways to reduce water loss and water sedimentation are considered. Prospectivity of application of inorganic polymers - polysaccharides as the components that increase water-holding capacity and accelerating the cementing stone hardening is confirmed. The reagent of complex action of Krep’ series is developed. Its effect on the properties of lightweight cementing slurries based on microspheres is shown.

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    The development and exploitation of oil deposits

    S.B. Denisov, E.A. Popova (VNIIneft OAO), M.Ya. Zykin (Rosnedra GKZ)
    Method of express-evaluation of oil pools reserves

    Method of estimating the initial recoverable reserves, allowing at the early stage of exploration to assess the likely reserves volume, at which one succeeded in reaching at detailed studies, is proposed. It is noted, that at the stage of supplementary exploration and operation reserve calculation, this technique may serve as an independent tool for estimation of the amount of increase or retirement of reserves, since it has sufficient methodological justification.

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    А.V. Vitevsky, S.V. Valeev (RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC), G.V. Makarychev, Ye.A. Karpekin (Schlumberger Logelco Inc.)
    Cross-well electromagnetic investigation – EMI data modeling. Efremov field case study

    Successful operation (high flowrates) of a future well is greatly dependent on selecting a correct target for sidetra cking. Application of a well logging tool that allows determining current saturation of the formation in the cross-well area enab les to reduce uncertainty in the process of sidetrack candidate selection. Cross-well electromagnetic investigation – EMI* is one of such tools that records distribution of electromagnetic properties of rocks in the cross-well area. In depositional environment of typical terrigenous sedimentary section of the Efremov field this method becomes an informative solution for selecting the areas for infill sidetrack drilling.

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    R.Sh. Dinmukhamedov (Tatneft OAO), K.M. Musin, A. Asklou, D.S. Danilov (TatNIPIneft)
    On evaluation of absolute, effective and relative permeability of terrigenous reservoirs

    Correct evaluation of reservoir permeability is critical today. This is attributed to several reasons, including increased number of complex reservoirs and decline of oil and gas production levels. Correct evaluation of oil, gas, and water effective and relative permeability, apart from absolute permeability, which nowadays is most commonly used to study oil and gas reservoirs, will allow to identify reservoirs in the well cross-section, estimate inflow behavior, and predict production rates more effectively.

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    V.I. Malykhin, R.Sh. Takhautdinov (Sheshmaoil Management Company LLC), M.R. Yakubov (Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan Scientific Centre, RAS)
    Bottom-hole treatment improvement and increasing reservoir recovery for inefficient oilfields with crude oil

    As a result of laboratory studies and experienced-commercial test are revealled the most efficient multifunction methods physic-chemical influence for intensification a mining the high viscous oils from collectors with low pressure. Chemical composition designed and row a technology on their base, which are successfully used on Tartarstan oilfield.

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    K.A. Kovalev, I.I. Amerkhanov (TatNIPIneft)
    Indirect methods determining high-velocity oil of Tatarstan

    There was developed a technique of high-viscosity oil thickness determination according to charts created on the ground of experimental researches. There was developed a computational method of oil viscosity determination using reasonable minimum of initial data (blend composition of reservoir oils and reference data).

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    V.A. Sannikov, V.I. Kurochkin, D.A. Mett (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC)
    Analysis of the tangent method correctness at the interpretation of pressure recovery curve

    The limitations at the interpretation of the pressure recovery curve by the tangent method are considered. The estimation of an error, arising at the interpretation of the complex formation models by the tangent method, is given.

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    A.V. Vishnyakova, K.N. Ivontiev, V.Ya. Kabo (Neftehimengineering LLC), A.A. Halzov (Orenburgneft OJCS), S.A. Krotov (Buguruslanneft LLC)
    Results of the interwell tracer test for oilfields of the Orenburg Region

    This paper presents results of the interwell tracer test for injection wells of Tarhansky, North Krasnoyarsk and Zavjalovsky oilfields of the Orenburg region.

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    I.V. Goncharov, M.A. Veklich, V.G. Korobochkina (TomskNIPIneft OJSC)
    Methodological aspects of extracting and analysis of gas with sulfur-containing components

    Disadvantages, concerning the extraction of natural gas with a touch of sulfur-containing compounds, are revealed. It is noted that the existing GOST on determination of sulfur-containing compounds in natural and liquefied gas can only determine of hydrogen sulfide and the total content of mercaptan sulfur. An attempt was made by the example of one of the fields to minimize the influence of extraction conditions on the content of sulfur-containing compounds in petroleum gas.

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    V.T. Volkov, N.N. Nefedov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), N.E. Grachev, D.S. Senin (VNIIneft OAO)
    Analytical estimating the parameters of the in situ combustion front

    The formation of the in situ combustion front for thermogas method was investigated. The influence of the value of oxygen diffusion coefficient on the thickness and the formation time of the front were studied. Mathematical model based on the equation of reaction-diffusion-advection and thermohydrodynamical simulator CMG STARS were used to describe processes. In this paper we propose analytical formulas for estimating the time of formation and the thickness of the combustion front.

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    B.A. Suleimanov, F.S. Ismailov, M.A. Mursalova (Neftegaz NIPI GNKAR)
    Fluid with nanoparticles for bed and wellbottom zone stimulation

    The results of experimental investigations of fluids with nanoparticles, designed for bed and wellbottom zone stimulation, are presented. An aqueous solution of anionic surfactant with additives of nanoparticles of light nonferrous metal is considered. It is shown  that the resulting fluid can reduce the surface tension on the border with oil compared with an aqueous solution of surfactant and is characterized by a shear thinning. It is concluded, that the use of nanosuspension allows to enhance significantly the efficiency of oil displacement and filtering.

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    Engineering and technology of an oil recovery

    P.A. Sapozhnikov, A.V. Volovodenko, A.V. Strizhak (LUKOIL-AIK ZAO), Yu.V. Belousov (KogalymNIPIneft OOO)
    Experience of realization of inhibitor corrosion protection of downhole pumping equipment at the Gribnoye field

    The technology of downhole pumping equipment treatment with corrosion inhibitors is considered. The results of repairs for electrical centrifugal pump change at wells, in which the carbon dioxide corrosion was detected, are given. The high efficiency of methods of inhibitor corrosion protection is marked.

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    M.A. Silin, L.A. Magadova, E.G. Gaevoy, V.B. Gubanov, V.R. Magadov, D.Yu. Eliseev (Gubkin State Oil and Gas University)
    Application of killing fluids on the polysaccharide base in wells with low pressure and after fracturing

    The properties of the polysaccharide fluids on the water or water-saline bases, used to kill the complicated wells, are considered. Experiments to assess the possibility of using such fluids in these wells were conducted. Works on killing the wells of Harampurskoye field are carried out. The effectiveness of application of the specified fluid is marked.

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    Rational use of petroleum gas

    S.M. Sokolov, I.A. Shcherbinin, M.Yu. Tarasov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
    Selection of the variants of petroleum gas utilization at the design and construction of oil fields

    Two approaches to technical and economic assessment of petroleum gas utilization at the development and exploitation of oil fields are considered. The typical design scheme (sequential design of development and construction) and complex design scheme (execution of the technical and economic assessment of petroleum gas utilization in the design institute simultaneously with the field development design).

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    The oil-field equipment

    B.N. Abramovich, Yu.A. Sychev (St. Petersburg State Mining Institute by G.V. Plekhanov), A.V. Medvedev, V.V. Starostin (TNK-BP Management OJSC), V.V. Polischuk (Optima LLC)
    The electrotechnical complexes electromagnetic compatibility in oil and gas enterprises networks

    The experimental researches of parallel active filters operating mode was carried out in field distributive network of JSC «Orenburgneft» TNK-BP with capacitors banks. The curve shape registration and magnitude measurements of field network voltage and current were made at different operation mode of active filters and capacitor banks. The analysis of experimental data was made. The mathematical modeling of capacitor banks influence on parallel active filter harmonic compensation effectiveness was made. In the base of experimental researches and mathematical modeling data, the choosing place for parallel active filter installation recommendations in oil and gas enterprises networks with capacitor banks was developed.

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    Yu.M. Proselkov, I.A. Pakhlyan (Kuban State Technological University)
    On the modernization of hydro ejector mixers based on model studies

    The need for modernization of widely used in oil and gas field practice hydro ejector mixers is noted. A model of such mixers is created. A set of studies, which results allowed to formulate requirements for the basic geometric dimensions of structural elements, providing an efficient operation of mixers and the maximum ejection (suction) rate, is carried out.

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    Pipeline transport of petroleum

    Kh.Zh. Soltanbaev (North-West Pipeline Company MunaiTas JSC)
    On the problem of construction of pipelines across large water bodies by means of horizontal directional drilling

    Methodical problems of intersection of large water bodies at the construction of trunk pipelines are considered. The characteristic of the impact on the environment of the most safety from an environmental point of view way of crossing through horizontal directional drilling is given.

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    From history of development of a petroleum industry

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