The geological structure and prospect of oil-and-gas content of the Upper Jurassic deposits of the Bolshekhetskaya Depression

Authors: L.F. Naydenov (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC), D.V. Romanov, S.N. Rasputin (Tagulskoye LLC)

The problems of stratigraphy, lithology, sedimentation and oil and gas content of the Upper Jurassik deposits of the Bolshekhetskaya Depression and its bordering are considered. Reservoir properties and morphology of sand-aleurolitic SG5-SG7 layers are analyzed. The conclusions about the distribution of structural and lithologic traps in the Upper Jurassic are made up and recommendations on the location of prospect drilling are given. The resource base of Upper Jurassic oil and gas complex – a reserve of the group of Vankorskoye fields is estimated.

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