Hydrogen sulfide as an indicator of processability of oil gathering and treating facilities

Authors: Z.R. Rabartdinov (Bashneft - Geoproekt OOO), I.Z. Denislamov, R.V. Sakhautdinov (Bashneft-Ufa, branch of Bashneft ANK)
It is suggested to consider hydrogen sulfide as the reference component of reservoir fluids. Two objects of the oil, gas and water gathering and treating facilities are investigated. It is shown that the amount of hydrogen sulfide varies slightly within a closed system from the well to the field tank farm. It is noted that by controlling the movement of the gas in this system, it is possible to determine the quality of the operation of the technological equipment and the leakproofness of its constituent elements, and at more detailed study to identify the source(s) of the hydrogen sulfide bioreduction.

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