Features of facial structure of the Tyumen series deposits on the example of formation YuS2 in Tundrinskoye oil field

Authors: K.A. Kostenevich (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
The effectiveness of the fields development systems and geologo-engineering activities choice  depends substantially on reliability of the reservoir geological model. To improve the veracity of 3D geological model of the  reservoir, especially  such complicated polyfacial object  like the bed  YuS2, it is necessary to understand  the  specific features of the deposits  structure  which in its turn requires a detailed analysis of the conditions of the deposits formation, facial typification, lithologo-mineralogical  and petrophysical characteristics  variation study. This work  purpose  was to construct a principle lithofacial model as a preliminary basis for the 3D geological model  of the Tundrinskoy field horizon  YuS2.

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