Estimation of the efficiency of oil displacement by water from the reservoir rocks of the middle carboniferous fields of Bashkortostan

Authors: A.I. Kirillov, F.N. Akhmatdinov, E.V. Lozin, G.G. Murzagulov, O.D. Ilemenova, S.A. Demin, I.I. Zainullin (Bashneft-Geoproekt OOO)

Laboratory research of porosity, permeability, oil displacement efficiency, residual water saturation, residual oil saturation of the core of the given reservoir rocks by direct and indirect methods are carried out. Correlation between porosity and permeability, permeability dependence of oil displacement efficiency are received. It is determined, that efficiencies of oil displacement by water from the Middle Carboniferous carbonates occupy an intermediate position within the range of parameters for carbonate rocks, including reservoir rocks of Tournaisian and Famennian stages.

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