Bottom topography, length, chamber structure of Timergazin canyon-like valley and problems of oil and gas exploration in basement

Authors: R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan State University), A.M. Yakhin, A.I. Lysenkov, M.Z. Shakirov (VNIIGIS), I.A. Yakhina (Geophysical University Ural Department of RAS)

In this article there are specified: a sublatitudinal valley bottom topography of South Tatar arch, valley length and a position of directive pallial-crustal first order fracture. The valley bottom chamber was considered as continental rift structure with fracture-block tectonics in plan. The possible contribution of the valley to hydrocarbon transit from deep formations is estimated. The Subkhankulovsky swell is specified as possible hydrocarbon deposit within the basement.

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