Prospects of use of aluminum hydroxychloride based invert emulsions in oil recovery

Authors: Yu.V. Lukyanov, A.V. Shuvalov (Bashneft ANK OAO), T.M. Vakhitov, R.M. Kamaletdinova, L.D. Emaletdinova (Bashneft-Geoproekt OOO)
The capability of invert emulsions production on basis of aluminum hydroxychloride and oil (diesel fuel) is shown. The properties of these emulsions are investigated. Unique ability of aluminum hydroxychloride to form the stable invert emulsions with the oil without the use of surfactants is proved experimentally. Practical use of invert emulsions of diffe - rent composition as the water shutoff backfill mixture, well killing fluids, invert drilling fluids, delayed action acids and perforating fluids at the tailing-in is proposed.

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