Information system of oil fields development monitoring on basis of stationary instrumentation modules

Authors: A.I. Ipatov (Gazpromneft NTTs OOO), M.F. Nuriev (Gazprom Neft OAO), V.B. Belous (Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegazgeofizika OAO)
In 2006-2009 for the first time in domestic industry the system of stationary downhole monitoring, providing controlled and managed oil production (including multilayer pool with constant monitoring of every layer production), corresponding to the requirements of the Central Commission for the development of subsurface in Russia, is realized. It is noted, that for structurally complicated fields the system can multiply to increase the daily production rate and annual oil production, and has no alternative to mass application in conditions of low- and medium-yield oil reservoirs.

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