The complex of innovative technologies for perfection of the oil fields development at the completion phase

Authors: A.S. Bordzilovsky, P.T. Im, S.V. Kostyuchenko, T.M. Mukhametzyanov, V.L. Terentyev, K.M. Fedorov (SIAM-Engineering OOO)
Described is the comprehensive approach to solving the actual problems of design and monitoring of oil fields development: pools exploration degree increasing, more accurate geological and technological models creation, fullscale simulation of large fields with no restrictions on the number of computational meshes, quantitative analysis of the efficiency of the development with the use of geological-technological models. It is noted, that the described technologies are tested at the real fields and can be used at the planning of design and technological documents, at the justification of measures for perfection of the oil fields development, for the design decisions reliability increase, for the validity of predictive calculations and estimations of the effects of geological and technical measures.

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