Assessment of polymer-dispersed systems efficiency

Authors: R.Kh. Nizaev (TatNIPIneft), A.I. Nikiforov (IME KazSC RAS), A.Sh. Gazizov (Idjat NPF OOO)

It has been shown that treatment of productive intervals with polymer dispersed system leads to more uniform, compared with base case, displacement of mobile oil, thus increasing production. Polymer dispersed system increases sweep efficiency, thus adding to oil production, slowing down watering of the wellstream, and extending wells’ service life. It has also been shown that polymer flooding improves recovery not only from low-permeability intervals, but also from high-permeability washed zones. Results of modeling showed that polymer dispersed system injected in Aktashsky area in the vicinity of injection well No. 1667 in the Elkovskoye oil field yields additional 7500 tons of oil. Cumulative oil production by end of development exceeds that of the base case by 31 thous. tons.

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